Stylish Looking First Ever Photos of Tesla Model 3 Released

Tesla Model 3

With the production version of the car ready to reach customers soon, the first ever photographs of Tesla Model 3 has been released and they look stylishly awesome ready to take on any luxury car in the segment.

Despite all the shortcomings the Tesla brand has in terms of delivery and keeping up their promise, the company has come a long way and is now ready to give other brands a tough contention in the automobile market. The Model 3 is the company’s cheapest electric vehicle priced at $35,000 and provides a large number of customization options. The Chief Executive Officer of the brand, Elon Musk took to Twitter as he always does to reveal images of the car.


Compared to the pre-production version of the model showcased early in the first half of 2016 looks very similar to the newly launched production car. It also stands proof to the fact that the designers and engineers who worked in the car had a very clear idea of what they are going to build right from the start. Many cars tend to undergo drastic changes as they go to the production phase.

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The company has confirmed that a handover party will be hosted on July 28th. The first set of Tesla Model 3 cars will be handed over to a very limited number of customers during this event. Another surprising news is that Elon Musk, even though the CEO of the company will have no special treatment. The first lot of cars will not deliver a Model 3 to his garage as he should wait along with others in line until the one he pre-ordered is deliver to his house. The first ticket, the first ever Model 3 made was purchased by Ira Ehrenpreis who is a board member at Tesla and had managed to bag the honors.

stylish look Tesla Model 3

The board manager has also planned to handover his car to Musk on his 46th birthday. At present, over 400,00 pre-orders have been accounted for. Majority of the buyers are in the United States and United Kingdom. Those who are in UK should wait a bit longer as the first lot will be delivered to those in the Europe, US before it heads to the UK shores. By the end of 2018, at least 20,000 Tesla Model 3 cars is expected to be shipped to those who customized and pre-ordered the car. More on its powertrain, performance and components will be revealed by the end of this month.

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