Microsoft Xbox 360 – A Giant Leap Forward

More than a Gaming Console

The Xbox 360 is a video gaming console and is only a computer having hardware plus software for running software related to video games.

The first or original XBox was a console that successfully broke the dominance of Sony’s console and brought in an era of high definition games. The Xbox was the first video gaming console from Microsoft and had sold over twenty million consoles all over the world since 2001, when it was first introduced. However, the gaming industry moved on in technology and Microsoft brought in the Xbox 360 to compete with Sony’s PS. The name, the hardware and the machine all received an overhaul and the 360 became more than a gaming console, with players being able to download media, HD movies, music, gaming content and so on. The Xbox 360 has now been discontinued and Microsoft has decided to stop the production of this highly successful console.

Xbox and Xbox 360

The original gaming console only had a modified processor, but was just a Windows PC with a Pentium III processor and more powerful graphics, audio combined with Microsoft’s OS, Windows 2000, all put together in a small black box.

A Serious Gaming Machine

As for the 360 version, it has a lot more under it. The Xbox 360 comes with a customized IBM CPU that is PC based and has 3.2 GHz, with an ATI graphics processor having 10 MB of embedded DRAM, 512 MB with 700 MHz, GDDR3 RAM. In addition, the hard drive is upgradeable and can be detached. It offers support for a maximum of 4 game controllers that are wireless and has USB, 2.0 ports with 2 slots for memory units.

The Heart of the Console

The CPU is its heart and has a 165 million transistor, with a multi core processor, powered by 3.2 GHz, Power PC cores. The multi core processor means that it offers excellent computing abilities and efficient consumption of power, with workloads being split over the processors. When the user plays a game on this console, the device is able to dedicate a single core for producing sound alone, while the other core runs the physics engine or the collision. One processor is dedicated to high definition graphics and the developers of the games can use the resources in the most efficient manner. All this offers a great gaming experience.

A Powerful Asset

The GPU offers high-resolution images and is a powerful asset of the console. It is a custom built one and has 10 MB DRAM embedded in it, offering sufficient memory.


These are the computer programs determining the animation look and making it look more realistic. The Xbox 360 has a unified architecture, with both the pixel shader and the vertex shader sharing pipelines. This gave it the advantage of more efficient computation, with more number of operations in a second being made possible. It was the first console or device that made use of this kind of architecture.

Great Games

A great console is only made great based on great games. Microsoft created several blockbuster titles in house specifically for the X Box 360. Other third parties also developed games on this powerful canvas over the years, pushing its potential to the ultimate limits.

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