Latest WhatsApp Features that you Must Know About


The developers of WhatsApp have recently added many new features making it better.

It is also now a free app forever. However, you need to download the latest version from the app store or update it on your phone.

New Video Features

The latest update allows you to do a lot more when you share videos in the application. The usual pinch for zooming feature is present. In addition, users can access an option allowing them to open a video in the pop out, floating window, similar to how you play a YouTube video in the background. It allows users to pop out the video and allow it to play on, while they browse their messages on WhatsApp.

Sending a PDF and Sharing from the Cloud

There are many free ebooks available on the Internet, but they are using in a PDF format. This makes it difficult to share it through WhatsApp. Additionally, bills in your inbox are also in the PDF format, so previously users were not able to send them through WhatsApp to others for verification or approval. Now, the new WhatsApp brings in new features, as you can share a PDF file with friends along with other document formats.

Users can also share images from the Cloud. They need to only tap for sharing images by going through their preferred cloud drive and add the photos from there. This makes it easy to send a document stored in a cloud drive, such as Dropbox or from Google Drive, making it infinitely easier to share documents and photos with contacts. But you must have the app for that specific cloud drive installed on your phone to access the files. It is a good idea to install Google Docs or even Microsoft Office in order to be able to share files through WhatsApp. Of course, you can still use Google Photos as it has a great storage space and is the best solution, but now there are also other options.

Tracking Media

As WhatsApp allows you to send PDF documents, photos and also links with others, it follows it up with Starred Message feature to keep track of this entire media that you send. All documents, images, photos, videos that you share are auto sorted, so when users open a specific chat and tap on the three dots found in the upper right corner, they can choose Media, Links or Documents that contain all the items that they have shared through the chat. It has become a favorite feature for many.

If you have low storage, you can clear chat messages and still keep the starred ones, so that useless conversation can be cleared off and the important part still stays.

Controlling Data Usage

Users want to use less data while they connect with the Internet, using 3G or 4G. The latest update allows them to take more control over usage of data. Go to Options, then Settings and then Data Usage, and it offers you more options for controlling the way media gets downloaded on your device. For instance, if you are making use of mobile data, it can be set to download images alone, whereas when roaming it can be set to No media or when on Wi Fi it can be set to download all.

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