Microsoft’s Xbox One X vs Sony’s PS4 Pro : The Ultimate Specs Comparison

Xbox One X

The big announcement was made at the E3 2017 conference.

Microsoft’s Xbox division head Phil Spencer took to the stage and with confidence oozing in his tone, he announced about 42 games along with the latest, most powerful console ever made Xbox One X.

The PS4 Pro competitor to beat Sony’s offering is finally hear and the internet is rife with discussions. If you are going to buy any one of the consoles, the Xbox One X doesn’t launch until November this year while the Pro Playstation 4 is already in stores. The first thing obviously anyone would confirm is the pricing but it is not all about cost here because Microsoft offers much more than just an average, upped console that gimmicks 4K. They call true 4K gaming at 60 FPS which is going to be its most selling point from now on.

Microsoft Xbox One X


Xbox One is $499 while the PS4 Pro costs a whole $100 less at $399 and once again the pricing is the only thing of concern here because when you go by the actual specifications of the console, the Microsoft’s machine is much more powerful, smaller and has a lot of technical improvements embedded in it.

Processor, Graphics Card

The PS4 Pro is equipped with a 2.1 GHz 8-core AMD Jaguar CPU while the newly launched Microsoft’s Xbox One is equipped with 2.3 GHz 8 custom x86 cores processor which is considered much higher. More details on the same is to be revealed. The Sony device is powered with 8GB of GDDR5 RAM with AMD polaris 4.2 teraflops graphics card while Microsoft’s newly announced console has 6 teraflops of graphical power supplied by AMD along with 12GB of GDD5 RAM.

Storage Space

Both have the same 1 TB of storage space offering enough space for you to install all those 50GB or 70GB AAA titles without having to delete or reinstall any of them. An equal competition in here.

Xbox One X

Performance/ Support

PS4 Pro supports bluray, DVD , runs some games in 4K and has HDR. It weighs 7.2 pounds while Xbox One X weighs higher at 8.4 pounds with support for 4K, HDR along with 4K HDR Bluray support. The highlight is that Microsoft claims their console runs many games at native 4K while the collection on the Playstation 4 Pro is limited and most titles use upscaling. Microsoft also says their hardware delivers 60FPS at 4K which is something PS4 Pro is yet to deliver.

On paper, Xbox One X is more powerful and $100 more than the PS4 Pro. The real winner will emerge only by the end of the year.

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