Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack Adds 4K Res and Now Supports Cross Platform Play

Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack

The E3 2017 Microsoft conference was one of the best in recent times during which the company focused on more than four dozen games.

Minecraft and Mojang which is now owned by Microsoft got a special place during the announcements.

The game has been around for a very long time but this is the first time it has received some of the best upgrades to make the gameplay experience more fun than ever. Everything about game is addictive but good news is you can now play it with a group of players on any platform of your choice, be it the PC, Xbox One, PS4 or the mobile platforms. It even works on the Nintendo Switch.

Cross Platform Play

Microsoft has titled the feature as the better together update by which they denote that the game is much better when you play it together with friends. All the barriers that have existed so far has now been removed because your friend can play the game from an iOS tablet or smartphone whereas you can play it from a high-end gaming PC. There are no restrictions on the platform at all.

Minecraft Super Duper

Instead of naming it the Minecraft pocket edition or VR, it is now simply known as Minecraft on all platforms irrespective of their hardware or processing power. Minecraft Java Edition, the original one that launched on PC will be the only title that runs on age old graphics and will continue to receive updates for some more months to go. However, every other game has been unified not just on Windows 10 or consoles but even the VR version will be synced with other platforms. The good news doesn’t stop here because if you buy the DLC pack like the Greek mythology pack on one platform, it will be available for free of cost on all other platforms! Such a kickass deal without doubt.

Minecraft Super Duper Graphics Pack

Super Duper Graphics Pack

No one would have expected Minecraft to run at 4K resolution with improved graphics but it will with the Super Duper Graphics pack. Microsoft made the announcement at E3 2017 event and it will run at such high resolution on PC as well as the newly announced Xbox One X console. It adds new lighting, water, world and much better textures only for those who love to see better graphics in the game. It will not affect gameplay and the cross-platform play, in-game servers will be split for all platforms for a unified experience.


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