Minecraft Gets its Own Magazine in the UK, US Release Imminent


Gaming magazines are limited and they often dedicate a page or sometimes a cover story on some of the most happenings titles.

The now Microsoft owned Minecraft franchise has crossed all barriers and is going to get a whole magazine dedicated to the game.

Mojang, the parent company of Minecraft is now owned by Microsoft and it also paved way for the company to experiment with augment reality as well as bring cross platform play to the game. The title is already available on PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo consoles, PS Vita and smartphones. With cross platform play, players can have more choices and large number of gamers to enjoy the title with.


The world is quite large that it makes it easy for players to come up with creative ideas and it keeps expanding with new content rolled out in regular fashion. Mojang, the team behind the game has worked with the publishing company Egmont and has come up with Minecraft: Official Magazine. The magazine cover looks very exciting, especially if you are long time fan of the series and knows what it all stands for.

Instead of going with the modern rule of digital only, Mojang and Egmont is going to actually print and sell these magazines in the UK first. Being able to hold them in paper and read them is an experience that no digital device can ever replace. It’s great to see the developers adopt the printed edition for the magazine.

At the moment, the current edition is about 60 pages. The company has tried to cram everything possible into the single edition and based on its success, they may consider releasing one every two months or possibly twice in a year. It’s all based on a lot of factors as there are some practical difficulties in logistics and getting them delivered to other countries. After the UK launch, the magazine will first be made available in the US next as soon as possible before it is shipped to the rest of the world.


Apart from the detailed articles on various skin packs, game tips and tricks, the new Minecraft: Official Magazine also features a comic strip featuring popular characters like Sparks, Monty, Scout and Bear. All the characters resemble real life players and the roles they like to play within the game. It is definitely a dream come true thing to read for fans and newcomers who like to know what the hype is all about.

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