Android O release date – Google Pixel, Nexus 6P and other devices that will receive OTA updates starting next week

Android O

Last month, an updated Android O release date schedule confirmed that the new OS will be released in Q3, but there was no mention of a specific date.

A couple of weeks later, speculations emerged claiming that the Google Pixel and Pixel XL phones will start getting their OTA updates in early or mid-August. A few days later, Google released the fourth and final developer preview version of Android O, suggesting that the rumored release dates could indeed materialize.

Now, in fresh developments, it has now emerged that Android O release date is set for next week, probably on Monday, August 21st. There are for sure many people out there keeping tabs on the developments surrounding this OS. These are the people who are eager to know when their devices will receive the OTA updates for O.

Well, nothing is going to change as far as previous cases of new Android OS updates are concerned. As usual, Google devices will lead the way in receiving the OTA as from next week. If the rollout does kick off on Monday, the likes of Google Pixel and Pixel XL will definitely be the first to receive the OTA notification. These will then be followed by 2015’s Google Nexus 6P and Nexus 5X, this time leaving out the 2014 Nexus 6.

Besides phones, next week could also see devices such as the Nexus Player and Google Pixel C tablet join the party. But as usual with OTA updates, not all devices will be able to get the notification at the same time. It could take even weeks before all Google devices receive the OTA notification. We also expect the OS to start rolling out to current beta testers before the rest of the Google family gets the nod.

Even though Android O release date for Google devices is now clear, other Android OEMs will definitely take more time before they roll out the updates. Nokia has been great lately, but this isn’t any other monthly update, it’s a major OS update. It’ll be interesting to see how the Finnish company handles things.

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