Minecraft PS4 Edition Receives 1.31 Update, Also On PS3 and PS Vita

Minecraft PS4 Edition

A huge update is rolled out for Minecraft PS4 edition. Minecraft on PS3 and PS Vita has also received the update today.

The information was confirmed by Sony in their official Playstation blog.

The update has already been rolled out in the Europe and Japan region. Players in the North American region should have probably received it by the time you are reading this. The Minecraft 1.31 update is a long list of fixes including ones related to the mini games.

Players were continuously reporting issues with the battle mini game. One of them is where play names were not displayed over a character when they were crouching. It was specific to the Showdown mode. Potions thrown by players on non-solid blocks didn’t work and a similar issue existed when players tried to attack through non-solid blocks. They are supposed to allow the attacks to go through in the Battle Mini game.


A particular map in the mini game named the Cove Battle had holes. Mob heads found on a player’s inventory didn’t disappear as it should once a person moves from the lobby to the map. Whenever a helmet is collected, it should automatically replace the mob head but it didn’t as it is supposed to. All these issues had been fixed by the developers and is now available on the PS4, PS3 and PS Vita platforms.

Other issues found in the Battle Mini game include the take everything feature in the lobby and an option to select or deselect all items. Apart from these, Minecraft 1.31 update for Playstation 4, Playstation 3 and PS Vita consoles received a fix for errors in hill generation, renamed items trading with villagers, duplication bug, incorrect death message that pops up whenever a player is killed by lightning and trophy issues.

The same update for Minecraft on other platforms including Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Wii U consoles are scheduled to be out in the following weeks. A new DLC, the Battle Map Pack 2 has been launched by Mojang. Priced at $2.99, it provides three new maps to explore. They are Atlantis, Ruin and Siege each with its own set of objectives, obstacles and brand new areas to explore.

Some players might be lucky enough to get the Redstone specialist skin pack for free. Most others will have to pay the $2.99 price tag in order to get it. Such packs are a must haves for Minecraft lovers.

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