Nintendo NX Is A Handheld Console With Standalone Controllers And Tegra Chip

Nintendo NX

Nintendo is up to something cool and this time they are making the Nintendo NX console in a whole new way like we never imagined.

The long running game developers have realized that trying to compete with the ageing Xbox One and PS4 consoles doesn’t make sense. PC is easily out of the question which is why they have decided to make a handheld console that could actually be used to play games on a television as well as on the go. It’s like making PS4 and the PS Vita as the same machine, if Sony decided to do something like that.

The handheld console division is considered dead by most companies. Sony earlier confirmed that they are not going to make another PS Vita or a next gen model as it doesn’t generate enough revenue. As a matter of fact, the brand never supported the Vita as they did the PSP. The platform hardly had any real exclusives on it that led to its slow demise.

Nintendo NX is probably going to change the scenario for good. A recent trademark filing revealed that the company is going for a handheld console which has its own dedicated screen. The screen is large and has two detachable controllers on both ends. When they are attached, it looks like a Wii U pad which works on the go.

Nintendo NX Handheld Console

You can play Mario, Donkey Kong and many other Nintendo exclusives on this high powered machine. Once you reach home, the screen is removed from the peripherals and can be attached to a high definition television for full screen gaming. The individual controllers will now allow two gamers to play a title, similar to how the Wii nunchuk controllers work.

Going the old school way, Nintendo NX will rely on game cartridges to store titles. There is no word on using a memory card in its place. It might be rolled later as an add-on so that more titles can be played on the handled without having to switch the cartridge every time. Digital game downloads will be supported.

The rumor also confirmed that the Nintendo NX handheld console will be powered using a Nvidia Tegra chip. It is more than powerful to render all the cartoon like games from the company in full 1080p glory and probably some might run in 2K as well. A new operating system is in the works for the NX device which we hope revamp the gaming scenario one more time.

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