Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two Trailer Features Eight Hidden Details

Minecraft Story Mode - Season Two

Telltale just released its first trailer for the upcoming Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two focusing primarily on the first episode of the game called Hero in Residence.

It also showcased some of the pivotal characters in the game including the key character Jesse from the first season and some other characters unique to Season Two. The game will a five-part adventure that is in no way connected to the earlier season although gamers can use the same choices that they opted for in the first season. New players can play the Season Two game directly without playing the initial game. The sequel will include the Crowd Player multiplayer feature for gamers to include associates to guide them in taking the desired course of action from a mobile gadget.

Minecraft Story Mode - Season 2

The trailer shows Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two introducing a llama named Lluna. However, this llama is not intended to be a replacement of Ruben who featured in the first season. Another aspect that was shown is that the Sea Temple features custom textures that were not there in the earlier version. An adventurous pair Jack and Nurm also find their place in the new season. One thing that is prominently noticeable is that a square is strikingly missing in the world map that the duo uses for their adventures. What is behind the square is a mystery yet to be revealed.

In the Story Mode game, Beacontown, the heroine Jesse’s hometown, is flooded with Easter eggs. One of these eggs is very special. Each time the player indulges in the game, he/she will notice something different including a recognizable building from the very first episode in Season One. If the first season was flooded with bats, it is time for parrots to take over in the second. A lot many parrots can be seen hovering over the rafters of the shop owned by Jack and Nurm. There are also two cat houses that can definitely not be missed. Minecraft has brought back Stacy Plays and Stampy Cat back to the game. In the trailer, you will find them large as life along with their customized houses. Finally, the outfits definitely stand out. A complete change has been made to the old outfits that have started giving way. These are replaced with new armor. Petra’s armor will definitely not go unnoticed.

Minecraft Story Mode

After Jesse and her troops conquer the Wither Storm to rescue the world, they become famous superheroes. In Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two, life has also become more complicated. More responsibilities come up and there is less time for adventure that leads to old relationships dying out. Life continues like this until Jesse stumbles on a creepy gauntlet that belongs to an old underwater temple. This sets her on an adventure with old and new friends.

The opening episode of Minecraft: Story Mode – Season Two is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 and other consoles in a few days from now on July 11. This release is expected to be worldwide.

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