MINI Will Reveal Electric Concept Model in 2019

MINI Electric Concept Model 2019

MINI is set to join the electric bandwagon and the company’s big electric concept model will be revealed in 2019.

With two more years to go, rendered designs have started surfacing giving a clear idea of what to expect in the upcoming compact EV.

The all-electric concept model will be detailed further at the Frankfurt Motor Show but before the big launch, MINI has released a couple of photos and detailed their possible plans for an all-electric future. Not just one but the automobile manufacturer had planned a couple of EVs to be launched all at once by 2019. The overall design of the new car is derived from the MINI Hatch but it looks really sleek and sporty.

MINI Ev car

Talking about their future plans for the EV segment, the lead designer commented, “When we set out to make a car we wanted to give it a very sporty and fun look. The idea is to make driving fun and from the initial design, our team feels we have achieved what we set out to do.” Driving pleasure is something most automobile brands wouldn’t focus too much on because their attention lies in improving the powertrain, acceleration and the technologies in the dashboard.

With a smooth and fluid design, the team behind the MINI EV wants to usher in the best aerodynamic efficiency and they have even pushed the door handles on the inside so it doesn’t stick out. The front is dominated by the hexagonal grille with the word E embedded on the grille as a badge. The word E stands for electrified and the smooth design continues in the rear end, with taillights that sport union flag motifs.

The technical specifications of the MINI electric car is not revealed at the moment as it is too early to talk about it before the 2019 reveal. However, it is expected that the car will be powered by powerful electric motor that uses rapid charging technology through a DC current and can go up to 190 miles on a single charge. The EV should be able to go from 0 to 62 miles per hour in just 7.5 seconds. There is no word on introducing another range extended variant that would go up to 250 miles or more.

MINI EV car front

MINI has been continuously working on introducing the all-electric model since 2009 when BMW group launched the MINI E. The idea has prolonged by many years but this seems like the right time for the brand to make its big debut.

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