Major Change in Instagram Brings Support for Portrait and Landscape Photos

Instagram Brings Support for Portrait and Landscape Photos

Instagram is the go to place for amazing photos, gifs and videos.

The app is an image-centric social network where millions of users drop in everyday yet it lacked some of the most basic features.

Not anymore, as the app developer has announced in an official blog post that users will now be able to post multiple photos. A lot of people usually get annoyed when they have to crop their pictures in awkward angles so as to make it fit Instagram’s supported style. However, it is no longer the case as the app now accepts both portrait and landscape photos as they are making it a much better photo sharing platform than any other. Instagram can finally bid goodbye to their competitors as they soar to new heights with this announcement.


In the past, when users had to share multiple photos, the app allowed them to do so in both iOS and Android. However, all pictures had to be cropped to a square shape in order to fit the user interface created by the developers. Users were visibly annoyed because of this limitation that they continued to complain in forums, demanding the team behind Instagram to take quick action.

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From a developer’s perspective, it is easy to understand that they may not be able to instantly roll out a feature like this. By allowing both portrait and landscape mode photos to be posted, it will collapse the entire user interface found in Instagram apps on iOS and Android. The developers had to take their own time to bring it and when they finally did, everyone who loves the app commented and lauded the team for introducing one of the most wanted features.

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Apart from this feature, an option to edit tagged people after a post is made has also been introduced in the update. The multiple photo upload feature was rolled out this year making it easier for users to upload 10 different photos at once but the square like cropping made it difficult to reach their potential audience. Instagram version 12 is now available for Android and iOS. You can download it from the respective app store so as to start uploading a bunch of photos and see how good they look in portrait, landscape mode.

The developers of Instagram may have a couple of features heading to the app soon. It is to be seen how they improve the app further in the following months.

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