Minor Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Update Urges Canadians to Return Phone for Refund

Note 7

The production and selling of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was stopped a few weeks ago and even though the company has advised current holders of the phone to return it, not everyone has done so.

This is probably out of people’s love for the Galaxy Note 7. There is no doubting that the phone is indeed a beauty to hold in your hands. It gets even better when it comes to the specs under the hood, features as well as software optimizations. During its early days, the phablet was heaped with lots of positive reviews, but then the unthinkable occurred.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets started blowing up, with some causing very serious injuries to the victims. As a result, the phone was banned from all airlines as well as markets, but it seems not everyone who had already purchased the handset was willing to part with it. The tech giant has taken several moves to try and encourage people to take back the phone, but there are still many out there still using the phone.

Things like kiosks have been set up in airports so as to encourage people to exchange their Note 7 for money or other phones. Samsung is offering users an option to get another Galaxy phone in place of the faulty Galaxy Note 7. The company has even pushed out a software update that caps the phone’s battery to just 60%, but still, these are not enough to convince some hardcore fans in Canada to return their Galaxy Note 7 phones.

Samsung Comeback after Note 7 Disaster

As an additional measure, Samsung has now decided to roll out an update that urges current Galaxy Note 7 owners to take it back for a refund or a replacement. The update comes with firmware version N930W8VLU2APK1 and apparently, it is targeting about 30% of all persons that bought the phone in Canada. Apparently, Samsung sold 39,000 units in the North American country and of these, over 70% have been returned.

Whether this new step will convince Samsung Galaxy Note 7 diehards to return the phone or not is still unknown, but hopefully it does as the handset can get really damaging whenever it feels like.

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