Mitsubishi Reveals e-Evolution Teaser Images, a SUV Styled EV


Mitsubishi is joining the electric vehicle bandwagon to compete with other automobile manufacturer on equal terms.

As part of their future plan, the company unveiled the e-Evolution concept car which is heading to the Tokyo motor show this year.

The company has been tight lipped about their electric crossover vehicle and want to make sure they don’t speak about its specifications before the official reveal. From the information revealed so far, we do know that it has a hybrid powertrain and not a full electric car as touted earlier.

Mitsubishi Reveals e-Evolution suv

A major part of the power however is delivered by the electric motor making it as gasoline free as the car could get. Based on the teaser images, it is easy to predict that the model is a SUV styled car with a long, sleek body and wide frame. Mitsubishi added that the e-Evolution is powered by three high-performance electric motors and an equally large battery powers these motors to offer the best mile range possible.

The front axle receives its power from a single electric motor while two of the motors will deliver power to the rear axle. The all-wheel drive implementation in an electric car is a cool move because it provides best performance, horsepower and a hassle-free smooth ride for hundreds of miles.

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The vehicle is equipped with a new technology that electronically controls its torque made possible by the Active Yaw Control (YAC). The engineers opine that it will provide unexpected level of crisp control and better handling to the driver which is something conventional gasoline engines can’t provide easily.

Mitsubishi Reveals e-Evolution

Apart from all the performance related developers, the Mitsubishi e-Evolution concept car is also integrated with their new AI system which can read and understand from the environment as well as driver habits. The computer powered voice assistant provides suggestions, route guides and helpful tips to the driver. More support is provided through the large display on the dashboard.

Mitsubishi opines that the AI is like a drone that flies above the car at all times, giving the driver and passengers helpful guidelines including traffic conditions and weather. During the Tokyo auto show expo reveal, the automobile brand will speak more about how their dashboard can effortlessly work with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant to provide a whole lot of details while you are still inside the car.

The Tokyo expo is scheduled to take place on October 28th where Mitsubishi e-Evolution and many other EV concepts are expected to be revealed.

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