Mobile Choice Awards Crowns Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Best Phone of the Year

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is, without a doubt, a classy Android smartphone that is everyone’s desire to have.

As the praises keep coming from major tech websites and pundits in the industry, it seems this is not enough to confirm that the Galaxy S7 Edge is indeed the best smartphone in 2016. It has taken a Mobile Choice Consumer Awards to prove to the world that this phone is the go-to model for anyone looking for a great handset in 2016.

The Mobile Choice Consumer Awards are meant to recognize and award the best phones, tablets as well as networks based on the opinion of the public. This is the 16th year that the Awards are running and despite the woes facing Samsung, it still managed to pick up two awards – the best phone of the year as well as the best manufacturer of the year. This victory came at the expense of the like of Apple and Motorola, among other OEMs.

While many analysts have ranked the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge as the best camera phones in 2016, other consumers of these products have other ideas. Apparently, the Huawei P9 was ranked as the best camera phone, with many impressed with the dual-lens camera setup on offer as well as the quality of photos.

Despite missing out on the best phone, best manufacturer as well as the best camera phone, Apple still managed to get an award for its iPad Pro 12.9, which was ranked as the best tablet of the year. As for those in love with VR, you might want to go with the HTC Vive VR headset as you wait for more OEMs to venture into this field. There was no place for Oculus Rift, which is another close competitor to the Vive.

Galaxy S7 Edge vs LG G5

Even though Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge managed to be crowned the best smartphone of the year, Mobile Choice readers crowned the Moto Z as the most innovative device in 2016. This is especially because of the modular design of the phone that beats what LG debuted with the G5 earlier in the year. As far as the best networks are concerned, EE carried the day, shaking off competitors such as Vodafone and Three.

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