Moto Z 2017 May Feature Iris Scanner, Motorola Patent Filing Spotted

Moto Z

After implementing fingerprint scanner in every phone, the Moto Z 2017 edition and many phones set to launch this year is going after the Iris Scanner.

A new patent filing by Motorola has paved way for rumors that claim the next generation Moto Z scheduled for launch this year will feature a Iris scanner. The drawings in the patent showcase how a user would hold the phone and the way the scanner works so that it spots the eye every time. Cloning a fingerprint to gain access to the smartphone is a difficult task but trying to replicate the eyes is near impossible. It is expected that with this new feature almost every device including smartphones, tablets and laptops will become extremely secure in the near future.

Moto Z Patent

According to the sketches of the patent filing, the Iris scanner when incorporated on the Moto Z 2017 smartphone will have narrow angle lenses within the regular camera. It allows the phone to find the position of your eye if you are facing the phone from a different direction or from the sides. We did expect that Motorola will finally get rid of the fingerprint scanner in the front and implement a home button that also acts as a scanner but it looks like they don’t have any such plans till now.

In the newly launched Moto M, the fingerprint sensor was found on the back side of the phone. Unless we have flagship models like the iPhone 8 and the Samsung Galaxy S8 announced, it is tough to deduce the way the smartphone industry is going to go. With Apple removing the headphone jack, it might trigger a follow up with all major manufacturers removing the 3.5mm port. It may not be of a huge hindrance as all headphones should still work with an adapter.

Moto Z

The Moto Z (2017) edition is rumored to run on the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor with 1.9GHz clock speed, 4GB of RAM and runs on Android 7.1.1. The phone already spotted in benchmark scores, scored about 6207 in multicore test and 1930 in single core test quite acceptable numbers for a flagship device. The official announcement however won’t be anytime soon as Motorola is aiming to bring it out only in the middle of 2017. There’s still months to go before it’s out in stores. The company will bring out the Moto G 5th generation much earlier, one of the most popular budget Android phones that you could buy any year without much debate.

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