Motorola Moto G5 Plus Rear Panel Leaked in New Image

Moto G5 Plus

The Moto G5 Plus is the next anticipated launch in the immensely successful smartphone models Motorola has created in recent times.

The G series of phones which was originally launched in 2013 have come a long way. They now sport mid-range specifications at unbelievably low pricing and offers everything the average use needs. The phone’s rear panel and the front design got leaked in a new image today. It shows a very bulky camera setup with a large circular lens area. This is not the first time the Motorola Moto G5 Plus got leaked as an earlier leak showed both the front and the rear end of the phone.

Motorola Moto G5 Plus

It is strikingly different because the manufacturer has changed the phone’s usual plastic design to an all-metal body similar to the Moto M. They seem to have a strong focus on making the device as premium as it could get without exceeding the budget and using the latest chipset to keep it zippy. The only catch is that the leaked image shows the case of the phone rather the fully assembled product. As it looks very similar to leaked photos from the past, it is being speculated as the finalized design.

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According to rumors, the Moto G5 Plus will sport a 5.5-inch display with a resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. It will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 625 processor which is a fairly midrange SoC and much powerful when compared to the existing 617 used in the Moto G4 Plus. The phone will have a 12 megapixel rear camera with dual LED setup and and 5 megapixel front camera for selfies. It uses Adreno 506 GPU with 3GB RAM and 32GB storage space. Another variant will sport 4GB RAM with 64GB of storage space while everything else will remain the same.

Moto G5 Plus

The phone will feature a fingerprint sensor and all the usual connectivity options. Leaked info claims it will still use micro USB port instead of the new Type C which is a very minimal requirement for almost all phone models released in 2017. However, Motorola Moto G5 Plus may go with an older port so as to favor the masses and the regions it cater to. It will also have the 3.5mm audio jack allowing users to use their favorite headphones without having to use adapters.

The new phone will run on Android 7.0 Nougat operating system. The actual specifications and design of the phone can be confirmed when it gets launched, probably in March, if we are to go by earlier rumors.

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