Minecraft Pocket Edition Gets the All-Pink Candy Texture Pack

Minecraft Pocket Edition Candy Texture

If you are a great fan of pink color and candies, it’s time to grab the Minecraft Pocket Edition Candy Texture Pack.

4J studios have released the new pack that adds a splash of color to the game.

With the Ender update, Mojang studios, the developers of Minecraft PC edition confirmed that it is a huge update and brings the never ending world to a temporary halt. All the content packs and updates throughout the years have helped the world grow to unprecedented heights. The Ender world is the end or more like the beginning for Minecraft 2.0.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Candy Texture Pack

While we have very little information to share about Mojang’s future plans, the secondary studio 4J studios is quite busy. They are in charge of bringing all the PC updates to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Pocket Edition for smartphones. Microsoft and Mojang are tight lipped about the future updates. Meanwhile, if you are a casual player and love the Minecraft series, this new Candy Texture Pack should be a welcome addition.

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Instead of making those zombies and skeletons look scary, this pack throws a large splash of pink color on them all. With the pack, the mobs are now made up of velvet cake cows, starlight mint skeletons and jelly creepers. The game has always been kid friendly in most scenarios but it looks much more appealing and would definitely encourage most Minecraft Pocket Edition gamers to get on board again.

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Of late, 4J Studios rolled out a whole lot of patches and updates for Minecraft PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PS Vita editions. Just a week ago, the team rolled out a patch update for Minecraft Wii U and it’s good news that their support continues on all platforms including the Wii U and PS Vita devices. Apart from the Candy texture pack, the team also rolled out the Villains skin pack allowing you to dress up your characters in your favorite villain costumes.

Minecraft Pocket Edition Candy Texture

The wait is probably going to be a long one before Microsoft and Mojang speak out their future plans for the Minecraft franchise. Meanwhile, you can always choose to enjoy the game on your favorite console. A much better proposition would be to try Minecraft Pocket Edition or the PS Vita that allows you to build the most exotic builds, structure on the go. With the newer patches and updates by 4J studios, the game offers much better experience.

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