Moving from the iOS to Android is Much Easier – View Google Webpages to Transfer Data from your iPhone to the Pixel – Right in Time for the Holidays

iOS to Android

Google has recently updated its webpages offering instructions for those migrating from Android devices from Apple devices, making the transfer from the iOS to Android much easier.

Demonstrating the Transfer

In order to demonstrate the simplicity of the transfer from an iOS device to an Android one, Google’s webpage makes use of the iPhone. However, the technique will also work for the iPad, as the latter can access similar applications like the iPhone. Hence, it will also be useful for those migrating from the iOS tab to the Android tab.

iOS to Android

Google Suite of Apps

The core technology needed for the simple transfer involves Google’s suite of apps, that is, Google Drive, Contacts, Calendar and Photos. The change follows the release of the Pixel devices, coming with adapters allowing the user to connect his iPhone with the Pixel, so that transferring of data is simple.

Updated Google Drive

An important change made to simplify the transfer of content from the user’s iPhone to the Android phone (Pixel phone) is concerned with the Google Drive app. The way of using this app for the iOS platform has been updated. Users can install a migration tool just by installing the Google Drive application in their iPhones. They can then sign in and navigate the Backup options, confirm what they want to save and then start the Backup.

Detailed Instructions

There are detailed instructions saying that the transfer could take up some time, so the user must keep the iPhone plugged and also connected with Wi Fi. However, there does not seem to be any means of storing or offering back up for a text message. Hence, the user might have to make use of USB OTG adapters for connecting the iPhone to the Android phone.

Google suggests that the user must backup when his iPhone is connected to the power, as the procedure could take many hours. The Drive app should also be turned on with the screen staying on. When the user signs into his or her Google account on the Android phone, the content will automatically be synchronized.

Restoring Data Easily

Users who wish to restore their data can just sign back to the Google account while setting up a new Android phone. After doing this, Google Sync restores the data to the user’s Android account for Calendar and Contacts information. In case of Google Photos, the new Android phone can access the data through the app.

In Time for the Holidays

Google Drive for iOS backup

Google has launched the new service of the Google Drive for iOS backup services just in time for the holidays. It seems that the company is aiming at unhappy iPhone users who could be purchasing new Pixel devices in the next few weeks. Google Drive was updated on the 13th of December and the company has announced new webpages on Android site showing all the details of the working.

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