MX Player Brings Back AC3 Codec Support as Dolby Digital Patent Expired

Dolby Digital

MX Player without questions is the best Android video player you could go for.

The player lost some of its popularity when it could no longer play AC3 audio codec back in 2014.

Dolby Digital has some exclusive patent rights to the sound codec and the developers of MX Player had to remove the support so that they could continue having it in the Play Store without infringing any copyrights. Before all this occurred, MX player used to be the only player you could ever need. Users can simply throw any movie at it, be it any video format, audio codec or subtitles, the app would handle it without breaking a sweat.

MX Player

When the AC3 codec was suddenly removed, it became such a tough time for users. A lot of videos, movies and television series couldn’t run in the app. The codec was pretty common on specific files and users had to manually identify the version of the app they have installed on their devices. It was found in the help page where you could find it and later download it manually from one of the approved websites.

In order to overcome the problem, many developers made use of the situation and launched AC3 players that were purely designed to run movies and videos that used the codec. They were definitely not as intuitive to use as the original MX player. The issue seems to have finally come to an end. The team announced in the XDA forums that they will be supporting AC3 codec once again on the player in versions 1.8.17 and 1.8.16 Pro.

Users don’t have to undergo any complicated procedure to get hold of the latest version. All you have to do is restart your app and when you do so, make sure you are connected to a 4G or a Wifi internet connection. The MX Player app will automatically identify the update available online and will download it. The configuration will be changed so that the codec is supported once again without the need to do any manual tweaking. You will not only be able to enjoy movies locally stored on your phone but even videos that are streamed over the web or from a local server with AC3 audio codec will run seamlessly from now on.

Dolby Digital

Dolby Digital lost its patent on the AC3 audio codec on March 20th and the developers worked hard to bring it to the app which is now live on the Play Store.