Need to Set Up Your New Google Home? Here is the Perfect Guide to it.

New Google Home

So, now, every gadget fanatic can bring home the new Google Home.

With the new Google Home, the house is about to enter into the wonderful world of digital personal assistants and for that to happen, the first important step, to begin with, is to start setting it up.

Google Home

About the Google Home

Google Home is a smart speaker which seems to be playing a vital role in the futuristic vision of Google which follows the agenda of “a Google for everyone,” and the Home is unsurprisingly powered by Google’s omnipresent Assistant. With the Home coming at a price of $129, Google is aspiring to bring in a totally different level of power, accuracy, and personalization. Sitting 6 inches tall, with a subtle matte white finish, a single cable falling flat against the bottom, the Home has far-field voice recognition and is an excellent speaker with a brighter, richer, and more dynamism than the Amazon Echo, which is loud enough to fill a room.

However, the downside of Google Home is that it does not work as a standard Bluetooth speaker, which is quite weird and definitely annoying. Another major disappointment is that the intelligence of the Assistant used in the Home has been limited to the Google land. By keeping in mind the fact that not everyone uses Google for all the things, the search giant needs to bring in more third-party partners to integrate their services deeply. Unlike while using the Assistant on a Google Pixel smartphone, the fame of Home has been deeply affected by the fact that it does not have a screen, which makes it impossible to convey some information. When the Assistant fails on all the other devices, a web result is served up. However, Home admits defeat by just making a sad sound.

New Google Home

The Perfect Guide to Set up the Google Home

Setting up the Google Home is so easy that it takes a warm, minimalistic, and thoughtful approach to do it. To begin with, it is important to download the Google Home app on the smartphone which will be used to calibrate the Google Home device. After this, Home will walk the user through all the typical and basic steps of setting up a device like choosing a language, setting up the Wi-Fi, and that sort of things, which can be done easily even in sleep. Sooner than it is expected, the app will prompt a question asking location in the house where the user wishes to place their Google Home. A report by Wired suggests choosing a place which is easily accessible, like the living room or the bedroom. Once all this is one, the Google Home app will prompt the user to sign in to their Google account. This will allow Home to tap on the user’s calendar, their email, their flights and a lot more. With all the details now accessible, the users can get the appropriate answers when a question is asked to Home. The question should be framed beginning with “OK, Google”.

Need Home to play some music? Of course, Home will do it. However, the user will need a Chromecast, or Chromecast Audio in order to make it work. The user will have to open the Home app and tap on the Menu that is present in the upper left corner. Then they will have to choose More Settings and looks for TV’s and Speakers so that they can add the device. Once this is done, the user will be able to enjoy the convenience and the luxury of watching TV shows or playing music without having to do anything more than just uttering, “OK, Google…” from the bliss of the couch.

Google Home Set up

Google Home can also be used to connect to the smart lights. So now, all the people who own the Samsung SmartThings or Philips Hue will be able to have full control over their the lighting systems which have been connected with the Assistant. So, by just saying “Okay Google, change the color of the light in the bedroom”, the job is done. This awesome technology is the perfect solution to have a great ambience even when the user is stuck in some other work.

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