Samsung Galaxy S8 Featuring Intriguing New Beast Mode – Press Launch Postponed to April 2017

Samsung Galaxy S8

A new feature for the Samsung Galaxy S8, to be launched at a postponed date of April 2017, is the Beast Mode.

Galaxy S8 Release

The Samsung Galaxy S8, the upcoming flagship smartphone from the Korean manufacturer, is coming in 2017. Samsung has confirmed this in order to retain the confidence of customers after the debacle of the Galaxy Note 7. However, it might not be coming in February, as expected. Traditionally, Samsung reveals its flagship devices during the MWC held in February. However, there are reports that the device will only be unveiled at a later date in April.

Samsung Galaxy S8

Why the Delay?

The delay or push back to the month of April in 2017 is being done presumably to allow the complete resolving of the battery issues related to the Galaxy Note 7. It is also being delayed so that marketing teams can work at increasing the confidence of the customers in the new flagship smartphone.

Changing Tactics

With this postponement of the Samsung Galaxy S8 to April 2017, Samsung will be able to take a new tactical approach during the press launching. Apple might release an equivalent to the iPhone SE 2 before April. In addition, many other Android smartphones, which are rivals of Samsung, will also be released at the Mobile World Congress event. Samsung will be able to showcase its Galaxy S8 device a few weeks later, so the company will be in the position of making the final move while offering the new generation mobile phone.

Beast Mode in the Offing

Another news related to the Galaxy S8 is that Samsung might be bringing in an interesting feature with the Beast Mode. The feature was noticed in its trademark application. The option was noticed in EU paperwork related to trademark registrations. The registration makes no mention of the device to which the mode will be applied. However one part shows the goods and the services for which the trademark will be applicable. It will be applicable for smartphones and mobile phones, computer software, notebook computers, tablet PCs and a few others.

It is speculated that Samsung will make use of the powerful processor and graphic capabilities along with the enhanced memory of the Galaxy S8 for offering a new Beast Mode.

Intriguing Feature

The Beast Mode is just the opposite mode to the battery saving mode that is now available for Android devices. Android phones have different modes connected with the power of the device. Users know the battery saving mode and some manufacturers like Sony have come up with the stamina mode to the basic operating system of Android. Samsung will probably bring in the performance mode with Beast mode. A beast exemplifies a fighting spirit and this will signify that the Korean company is very well capable of fighting and overcoming the debacle of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 and come out triumphant.

Galaxy S8

Cutting Edge Technology

The Beast Mode can result in bringing Samsung back to the head of cutting edge technology. It will enhance the specs of the upcoming Galaxy S8. The flagship device is expected to have superior specs among mainstream devices.

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