Need Suggestions to Start a Talk? Facebook Messenger Is Here To Help with the “Conversation Topics” Feature

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger already has a huge fan base of 1 billion users and still the social networking giant is looking forward to new ways to expand its empire and to increase the usage of its apps.

The latest addition to its Messenger app is the introduction of a new feature “Conversation Topics”, wherein the app will give suggestions about what to talk with your friends and family. Starting conversations was probably never so easy before the Conversation Topics. The strategy behind this feature is to take into consideration the Messenger’s connection with Facebook’s social network and thereby have a reference to the things which have been done recently by your friends.

Facebook Messenger

Everything about Conversation Topics

The Conversation Topics feature was recently spotted this weekend on the iOS-based app of the Facebook Messenger app. The news about the conversation starters was later posted on Twitter by the people who had spotted it. The feature is still in its testing phase and so just a small population of the people is experiencing it currently in their Messenger app. There will be an entirely dedicated section for conversations on the home screen. The suggestions for the conversation topics will appear under a friend’s name in the new section. On the right, you can find the Messenger activity indicator which will be displaying the last time when the person was online.

The Facebook Messenger will suggest conversation topics based on the details of what your friends have done recently like the places they visited, or the songs that they listened to recently on a music streaming service, or an event that they might attend which is probably indicated by Facebook Events, and many such things.

Facebook Messenger Conversation Topics

Simple Agenda behind It

The simple idea behind creating this Conversation Topics feature is to help you when you are trying to catch-up with an old friend or to break the ice with a new Facebook friend. The suggested topics will help you to figure out a way to start an easy conversation. Another advantage of this feature is that it acts more like a News Feed column, where you can catch-up with all the recent activity of your friends without having to scroll through the enormous clutter of posts, shared links, advertisements, and other content of the News Feed.

Conversation Topics – The New Room

The Conversation Topics is not the only feature where Facebook is working on to connect the Messenger users with their friends and family who share similar interests. Recently, in September, a feature called Rooms was also spotted to be buried in the Messenger app. The Conversation Topics is probably an attempt made by Facebook towards creating chat rooms for the public around shared interests and topics on its Messenger platform, unlike the ‘Rooms’ which was Facebook’s experiment in anonymous social networking and has now been shuttered. However, from the given few details, it is still unclear if the Conversation Topics will be a part of Facebook Messenger’s debut in the public chat rooms feature.

Facebook Messenger Rooms

It is indeed a highly debatable topic if the social networking sites, which come up with new features every now and then, and take up most of the time of the users who browse them all the time, will really help in getting the people around the world to be connected in a better way or will they make the people less social. But the hopes are that with the recent update of Facebook Messenger with the Conversation Topics feature, it should definitely keep you updated with the activities that your friends and family are keeping up with.

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