Facebook Comes Up With Its ‘Initial View’ for 360-Degree Photos on All its Platforms

Facebook 360-Degree Photos

The new trend of sharing pictures on Facebook is the 360-degree photo experience which captures the right stills of your family and friends without compromising on the background view.

The 360-degree photos feature was launched by Facebook in June. This feature essentially allows the users to look at a panoramic photo with a 360-degree viewing angle. The feature, which is similar to the 360-degree videos, has been created with aim to provide an immersive experience to the viewers who can choose the angle which they wish to see while scrolling through an image or a video. The 360-degree photos and videos can also be viewed by using the compatible virtual reality devices. Although the experience of viewing it is amazing, it becomes quite a tedious job while capturing and uploading it, and it can also get annoying sometimes especially when a random initial view point of the picture is selected by the social networking site itself, which could make the photo look rather unattractive.

Facebook 360-Degree Photos

Initial View for 360-Degree Photos

Facebook had announced recently that it will now allow the users to choose the ‘Initial view’ option for their 360-degree photos. So from now on, when the users want to upload their pictures on their Facebook apps on the Android, iOS, and the Desktop Chrome platforms, they can do so by choosing the initial angle for viewing the 360-degree photo and then post the best part of it. Previously, Facebook would choose a random section of the 360-degree photo to be showcased on their social networking service. But now the users can personally select the best part of the photo that should be set as the initial field of view for their photos which they wish to show to their friends and family.

To do this, the users will simply have to upload the 360-degree picture first and then drag their fingers around the picture on their mobile phones before they post them, and look for a good part of the picture which they wish should be the initial viewpoint for anyone who is scrolling through their Facebook News Feed. For the desktop users, they can select ‘Edit’ option, and drag the mouse to choose the initial viewpoint of the 360-degree photo. This will allow the users to set the angle in which they want the photo to be viewed by others. So, when the initial view is clicked, the 360-degree photo will be showcased in full with more details. It is important to note that the zoom option has not been enabled with this feature.

Album for 360-Degree Multimedia Uploads

Facebook is also planning of rolling out album support for the 360-degree photos apart from the ability to post them with multimedia status updates, which means posting a combination of 360-degree photos and 360-degree videos along with regular photos and videos all at once. This step has been taken by Facebook to let the users use the 360-degree feature on an everyday basis. Though the 360-degree initial view feature is out for the users, the 360-degree video compilation along with the regular videos and photos in multimedia uploads should be out soon in the upcoming weeks.

Facebook 360-Degree Multimedia

Recently, Facebook had announced a ‘data saver’ feature for its Messenger app, which is still in its beta testing stages. When the data saver feature is enabled, it will allow the user to choose the media downloads instead of downloading them by default. This feature will be applicable only when the cellular data of the mobile network is being used to browse the Messenger and not while using a Wi-Fi network. There is also an option which shows how much data has been saved.

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