A New Apple iPhone 7 Leak Confirms Company’s Worst Decision

iPhone 7

Apple has been pretty lousy with the secrets of the upcoming iPhone 7. The company is famous for not letting go of any details regarding its upcoming devices until the official unveiling, however, we know quite a lot about this 2016 flagship.

It has already been confirmed that the iPhone 7 will come with a protruding rear snapper, ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack and the physical home button as well as improve on storage options. There is even a new video that has surfaced trying to compare the upcoming iPhone 7 and the 2015 iPhone 6S. However, you will probably not be impressed with the details showcased in this video.

One major problem that one would ask after watching this video is that how will the iPhone 7 attract ordinary smartphone users or rather the less tech-savvy users? If anything, the two handsets will look one and the same to these buyers. It is only tech-savvy customers that can really tell the finer details of the new handset in comparison to the iPhone 6S.

As noted earlier, tech-savvy buyers will be quick to take note of the bulge on the camera, the missing antenna lines on the phone’s back as well as the usual upgrades that take place under the hood. However, for ordinary buyers, the upcoming iPhone 7 will be no different from what they’ve already seen with the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6, something that could work against Apple. Samsung made some mistakes with the Galaxy S6, but it has made amends with the Galaxy S7. This phone has recently recorded higher sales in the U.S. than the iPhone 6S and to no surprise, this is happening for the second quarter in a row.

In fact, Apple seems to be aware that only tech fans will be able to notice the real differences between the iPhone 7 and iPhone 6S. In its marketing strategy, it uses the line “There’s exciting stuff, you just can’t see it,” something that might not work out with mainstream buyers. This is the group that is attracted to tangible changes and improvements, something they can see with their naked eyes. With this, it seems the Galaxy S7 will still shine all throughout the year.

Unlike the iPhone 6S which debuted with a new 3D Touch screen technology, there is nothing of such caliber expected with the release of the iPhone 7. It gets even worse as buyers of the new phone will have to ditch their favorite 3.5mm headphones since the handset will no longer come with this port. Instead, you will have to do with a headphone adaptor or splash out some cash for new USB Type-C-compatible headphones to use with the phone. Furthermore, you will not be able to listen to music while at the same time charging your iPhone 7 since these two use the same port.

There are those who will fall for the improved camera, faster processing power and possibly an improved battery life, however, not so many will go after these aspects when looking to upgrade their current iPhone 6 or 6S. These two phones already have great cameras, fast processors and amazing battery life, what mainstream customers need are new and exciting design and features like the wireless charging, Always On display and glass back available on the Galaxy S7.

iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7

Even though the iPhone 7 might be a little short of expectations, it doesn’t mean it will not be a hit. There are lots of people out there who haven’t moved on from the iPhone 5S days and would really relish an upgrade. However, for those with the iPhone 6 or 6S, there’s really nothing much to be excited about the iPhone 7.

Since the Galaxy S7 packs all those features that mainstream buyers love, among them a world-class camera, an excellent display, great battery life, the aforementioned fast wireless charging, water and dust resistance, expandable storage, 3.5mm headphone jack, microUSB port and so on, it is easy to see the Korean company continue leading Apple in terms of sales even with the release of iPhone 7. Things might even get worse for Apple with Samsung’s release of the Galaxy Note 7 a few weeks from now.

For mainstream buyers, they’ll possibly have to wait for the major changes that will come with the 2017 iPhone. But for now, Apple might never catch up with Samsung.

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