New Apple iPhone 8 Images hint at same location for Touch ID

Apple iPhone 8

Apple will be releasing the iPhone 8 later this year, probably alongside the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. So far, a lot has been said regarding the radical design changes that Cupertino is planning, but these are based on rumors and speculations.

According to reports, the iPhone 8 will follow the same design language as the new Samsung Galaxy S8, where the phone will get rid of the bezels and debut a full display on the front panel. However, there has been a huge debate over where Apple will place the fingerprint scanner or rather the iconic Touch ID.

When Samsung made tweaks to the design of the Galaxy S8, it was forced to move the fingerprint scanner to the back. It was expected that this feature will appear on the display screen, but further reports claimed that the technology wasn’t ready for it to feature on the S8. The story is the same as far as the Galaxy Note 8 is concerned, with claims that the phablet will stick to a rear-mounted fingerprint scanner like its S8 counterparts.

While there have been some rumors that Apple could follow the same path, the latest iPhone 8 images suggest otherwise. Apparently, the phone will keep the Touch ID in the same location, but it will be on-screen. The image shows a full-screen handset with a row of icons below the main screen and further below is the space for the virtual Touch ID.

Apple iPhone 8

Like what other rumors have suggested, the iPhone 8 has no bezels on the sides and bottom, but the upper section has a small on-screen section that houses the sensors and front-facing camera. The images also show off a slightly longer power button that should add more convenience and the back still rocks a vertical dual-lens camera setup and an Apple logo at the middle of the phone.


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