New Games Coming to Xbox One This Week, Lots of Sci-fi Titles

Xbox One Observer

With another week, the team behind Xbox is ready to launch a couple of new games on the Xbox One console.

The list isn’t very extensive because there are no AAA titles but it is definitely going to give you lots of choices and some amazing games to play this weekend.

Instead of focusing on the same genre, the game selection tries to provide something for everyone including shooters, science fiction exploration titles and even a completely arcade game based on one of gaming’s most popular franchise Sonic. For the second week of August, gamers will witness the launch of a game titled Agents of Mayhem.

Agents of MAYHEM Xbox One

If the purple looks of the game seem familiar, you are not alone because Agents of Mayhem is developed by the same team behind the popular Saints Row series. The co-op game is about three different agents who make use of the advanced weapons they have at their disposal to take down evil monsters along their route.

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Sonic Mania is a 2D adventure game which is the Temple Run of the past where you run non-stop while destroying obstacles and collecting coins. Sonic will be accompanied by his friends Knuckles and Tails who will be there throughout the levels, helping him get through difficult enemies. A competitive mode has been introduced in which you can compete against your friends or just go with the most fun filled co-op mode.

One of the sci-fi titles coming to Xbox One on August 15th is Observer which is about a guy with special capabilities to hack into the minds of people and find what kind of crime they did. The story takes place in 2084. It is a cyberpunk horror game which tries to tap into the deepest fears of criminals as well as the investigator who is involved in the case.

Xbox One the pillars of the earth

The Pillars of Earth which is based on a book is about the quest to build a strong cathedral and safeguard the resources on earth for survival. Sounds like an interesting plot for a game. Circuit Breakers is another action packed arcade shooter in which you don’t put your gun down ever. Conan Exiles is an Xbox One Game Preview which offers both single player campaign and multiplayer matches set in a huge, open world where survival is the key to success against historic monsters and beasts. Thumper is set in a neon world with an amazing soundtrack and yet another sci-fi title coming to the Xbox One console this week.

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