New Hero In Overwatch Ana, A Sniper Healer Is Already In a Comic

Overwatch Ana Hero

Blizzard Entertainment, developers of Overwatch revealed a new hero named Ana.

The character has already become an important addition to the game and is popular all over the web.

Within days since the official launch, a new comic has emerged online which showcases Ana in the lead and has scenes designed around her character. The concept was quite different and it was the sole reason that made it an instant hit among players around the globe. Most characters are usually young in many MOBAs. However, Blizzard has designed Ana to be an older woman which is equipped with a sniper.

A sniper is an aggressive hero in every game, be it Battlefield, Dota or any title for that matter. They are supposed to reap kills one after the other. However, Ana in Overwatch spends her time healing people with a sniper. The long distance range allows her to find whom she wants to help during a combat and heal a percentage of their health. At the same time, she can also deal damage to enemies using the gun. Once hit, they take damage over time making it easier for the team to secure kills.

Overwatch Ana

Blizzard has launched their lineup of comics featuring some of the most popular Overwatch characters. This time, they have introduced Ana in it and has revealed more of her backstory with scenes depicting the things that she could do. The entire episode seven is dedicated to the particular character. CBR has released an exclusive page from the comic book to give us a glimpse of what is in store. The sketch is done by Bengal and the storyline is penned by Andrew Robinson.

Overwatch is still a long way to go. The game now has twenty one heroes in its lineup which is a decent number considering the fact that it is fairly new. Most MOBAs have started with the same or even less numbers in the past. It has the potential to grow into something huge especially with the competitive mode gaining traction in recent weeks. Ever since its launch, the game has adopted a more serious tone.

In a recent update, the developers at Blizzard have restricted players from picking the same hero twice in their team. It makes fights much more interesting in the competitive mode and more such important changes are about to be rolled out in the near future, including new maps.

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