New Honda EV has its Own Electric Platform, Promises Self-Driving by 2025

Honda EV

After the biggies are on to making all-electric cars of their own, Honda has its own EV ready to hit stores.

The car has been designed and developed on a dedicated electric platform which should allow it to be flexible enough for improvements in the future.

Compared to the conventional platforms which are designed for a gasoline engine, the EV chassis provides enough space for the electric motor and the batteries required to provide the maximum mile range. Honda is going to reveal its all-electric car most probably at the upcoming Frankfurt motor show. The car is also expected to sport an all new design to convince buyers that it is the most practical EV Honda has come up with. The automobile manufacturer has created a name for themselves for being one of the affordable car makers who also focuses on fuel efficiency.

Honda EV Self-Driving by 2025

Honda aims to continue the trend while they step into the brand new territory to create fully electrified cars. According to the company’s statement, they expect at least two thirds of their cars sold in 2030 should be EVs. Adding to the statement, CEO of Honda, Hachigo San said that at least 50 percent of their models already in the market feature hybrid, plug-in hybrid technology paving way for electric cars real soon.

“A dedicated EV model is all set to go on sale in China by 2018 and another EV model is being developed for other regions. We are working to find the right balance for customers in different regions and the upcoming new launches should be out by autumn. We are also making better fuel cells so as to provide more mile range for these cars and they will be the primary element to boost EVs to the mainstream audience,” he said.

Honda EV

Honda has also confirmed that they are meticulously working to develop the best autonomous driving technology for their buyers. By the year 2025, the company aims to have achieved Level 4 autonomous tech on their cars which can allow drivers to relax while the car navigates a major part of the city without any assistance. Level 4 is just one step lower than fully autonomous which is when cars no longer need any seated in the driving wheel and possibly remove the steering as well letting you simply relax in a spacious backseat.

The ideas may seem far fetched at the moment but the way automobile industry is growing at a rapid pace, it shouldn’t an impossible feat to achieve in another 10 years or so.

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