Universal Studios New Trailer Reveals Super Nintendo World, Screenshots Leaked

Super Nintendo World Screenshots

Nintendo is fast expanding into multiple new territories right from the mobile platforms to theme parks.

The company signed a deal with Universal Studios to dedicated a section for the Super Nintendo World.

After the initial ground work is done, the engineers have already started working on creating the best replicas of Super Mario, Donkey Kong and other popular franchises from Nintendo. As soon as they began construction, they released an amazing new trailer which is not a dream come true for every kid but a lot of old adults who grew up playing these games since their childhood. After all, Mario is not a character but more of a icon of the past who has managed to stay relevant for so many decades and continues to enthrall the young generation on both iOS, Android with the endless running game.

Super Nintendo World

The trailer confirmed what everyone is looking forward to. Similar to how Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck host you in Disney World, the particular space where Super Nintendo World is in Universal Studios will mostly be hosted by none other than Mario, probably along with his brother Luigi. Princess Peach and the evil Bowser should also make their appearances who are obviously people in costumes but long time fans wouldn’t see them as replicas. They would rather feel as if those characters have come to life to guide them through the park and enjoy their time spent there.

Universal Studios posted the trailer on their Twitter page which you can take a look at. Others who have had the opportunity to get close to the park have witnessed levels from Mario games being recreated in real time. The construction work is going to take a long time, three years at least to be exact. The Universal Studios in Osaka, Japan is where this particular amusement zone is being constructed. It will be opened in time for the 202 Olympic Games which Japan hosts and want these additional places to add pep to those tourists who plan to drop by to watch the games.

Super Nintendo World Screenshots

It has also been confirmed that Universal Studios will recreate the Super Nintendo World in their home town, Los Angeles and Florida in the United States. But, there is no word on when those versions will open as the focus is solely in Japan at the moment. You can check out the trailer to know how the place will be and also check out the photos posted online. There will also be two theme park rides, one inspired by Mario and another by Donkey Kong.

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