The New iOS 10 from Apple Allows in Uninstalling Certain In-Built Apps

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The keynote at Apple’s WWDC this year had the company’s top officials making an array of announcements.

The most important focal points of the meet were the unveiling of Siri SDK, OS 3 improvements for the Apple watch, Siri for Mac, Mac OS Sierra and not to forget the iOS 10. Senior officials from the Software Engineering team enlisted all the major changes which will be introduced along with the new version of iOS. The updated changes include a new design for the Notifications, improvements for iMessage, improvising the Maps, revamping the Apple Music, and a lot more. However, Apple has not made any official announcement which the iOS 10 is going to bring along with it i.e. the potentiality to uninstall certain in-built Apple apps.

What to expect from iOS 10

With the introduction of the new iOS 10, Apple allows its users to uninstall a few stock apps which most of the people might never use at all. Apple has mentioned on its support page the steps by using which the users can delete the stock apps from their devices which run on the iOS 10 Beta versions. Though this new feature has been introduced for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad touch sensitive devices that run on iOS 10, Apple displays a disclaimer for the users before it uninstalls an app.

The support page on the company’s website states that when an in-built app is removed from the Home Screen of the iOS-based device, all the related user data or configuration files will also be deleted. However, this can affect the system related functions or any information on the users Apple Watch.


It is certainly important to mark there are a few built-in apps like those which give information regarding the Stocks and Weather fuel to the Notification center. Deleting these apps will also remove all the information which is related to these places. In addition to this, if the app for Calculator is removed, then it will not be visible in Control Center also. However, apps for Messages, Camera and Photos cannot be uninstalled.

The listed apps that can be uninstalled

Apple offers a lot of in-built apps for its iOS devices. Almost 23 apps have been listed by Apple that can possibly be uninstalled while running the iOS 10. These 23 apps include the Calendar, Calculator, Contacts, Compass, Find My friends, FaceTime, Home, iCloud Drive, iBooks, iTunes Store, Maps, Mail, Music, Notes, News, Podcasts, Stocks, Reminders, Tips, Stocks, Voice Memo, Videos, Weather and Watch apps.

Apple claims that all these apps take up a combined space of just 150 MB on any iOS device. Even if an app is deleted it can however be easily re-installed from the App Store. These features will be functionally active in the Beta version of iOS 10 from July 2016. However, the News app can be deleted only in the later versions of the iOS 10 Beta. The app for contacts can be removed only from the iPhones and not from all the other iOS-based devices.

As per the customary tradition, the iOS 10 will be made available to the public with the release of the new iPhone 7 model.

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