Twitter Spills the Beans about Its Self Re-Tweeting Feature


Twitter sure knows how to stay in the news. Without a doubt, it keeps rolling out new updates all the time.

The latest update from Twitter is about retweeting your own tweets. You can now quote and retweet your tweets yourself with just a few taps. You can now pick an old favorite post or quote and retweet it again.

Here is how to do it

By following just a few steps you can now retweet your old quotes. All you have to do is select one of your own tweets from your own Twitter handle and click on the tiny kooky “retweet” button. You can now choose whether you want to quote yourself or just retweet your own old tweet back on the timeline of your friends and followers. Voila! The magic is done! How simple is that!

But is it really required to retweet yourself? Retweeting your own tweets is something like what happens at a gathering when you keep repeating the joke’s punch line because no one responded the first time. Similarly, you might feel that a certain tweet is good enough for a few likes and when the expected doesn’t happen you might always feel “Why not give the people another chance to respond to the tweet”!

The probable flip-flops of introducing Retweeting

Many users on Twitter presume that the introduction of this new feature will not do anything much other than becoming a feed for narcissism. There are quite a few reasons which might invite flak for this retweeting feature. Firstly, Twitter has users of a core base who follow a certain etiquette and protocol for following the site. So when the company tries to change the way the timeline works, it can cause certain complications or can wipe out those rules.

Twitter Retweeting Feature

This is seemingly inescapable due to the loss of the most popular “@” which is an inevitably created user solution that allows every tweet on Twitter that begins with “@” to be acknowledged as a reply and also sets limits to those who can view those tweets. Twitter announced that it will be reiterating the “@” and concurrently also declared that it will allow self-retweeting of tweets and quotes all by yourself. So you will now have to get accustomed to both the changes very soon.

The second setback is that the Internet is filled with many different ways which help in representing and to talk about you, but hardly has any new ways to do it with just a few monotonous ones. The reactions were quizzical when the “selfies” were first introduced and were emerging as the next popular stuff. There was always a big question that what would people do by taking pictures of themselves and then share them on a public platform! But now the popularity of “selfies” seems to have answered the question and now there are public spaces which insist on certain official selfie stick policies. Although, the self-retweeting feature like the selfie element, might hardly make any difference to the way the internet might view it, but it will for sure make it pretty easy for the users to restore their places in a timeline which time and again becomes unfastened.

Twitter off late has been losing its fame since the reports of a security breach. Recently it even locked many accounts of the users with a direct password exposure to avoid any more security issues. So at a time when Twitter is struggling to draw back the user’s attention, this move of introducing a new feature might help in attracting people.

But one thing to remember is that no ton of power to self-retweet will ever make a torpid tweet sound brilliant.

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