New Leaks Reveal Apple 10.5-inch iPad Pro will also ditch the Physical Home Button like iPhone 8, new Pencil

10.5-inch iPad 2017

There have been talks of Apple working on a new 10.5-inch iPad Pro that should be announced in the coming months if not weeks. However, the details about this device have remained scarce as it has always been with unreleased Apple products.

Nonetheless, some eagle-eyed folks in China have a few details about this upcoming 10.5-inch iPad Pro and there seem to be some close resemblances with what is being talked about with respect to the iPhone 8. The flagship phone is also expected to be released later this year and even though it is still months away, details of what is in store have already started emerging.

Just recently, we saw leaks of images of the supposed Apple iPhone 8 doing rounds on the web. These images revealed some interesting design changes that include an OLED display screen with curved edges, a larger 5-inch display screen as well as a missing physical home button. It is also thought that Apple will be making changes to the design language of the iPhone 8, dropping the iconic all-metal unibody in favor of an all-glass design with a metallic frame, of course. With this design change, the phone will be able to gain wireless charging capabilities while at the same time ship with the best IP68 dust and water resistance certification.

Apple iPad Pro

Now, according to the latest developments, Apple will also be bringing some of these design changes to the 10.5-inch iPad Pro. It has been revealed that the tablet will ship without a physical home button as well. As noted before, the iPhone 8 will reportedly ship with a 5-inch display screen, up from the 4.7 inches offered since the iPhone 6. It is obvious that the removal of the physical home button has contributed to the increased screen size. In the same manner, the removal of the physical home button on the upcoming iPad leaves the device with a larger 10.5 inches of display, up from the usual 9.7-inch model.

Now, be warned that this is just an educated judgment, but it is possible this could be the case. Still, some pundits are adamant that the 10.5-inch iPad Pro will be unveiled as a third variant of the 2017 iPad, which means the smaller 9.7-inch model will still be around. But none of these have been confirmed by Apple just yet.

The new leak also sheds some light on the next Apple Pencil, claiming that the device will be more advanced than the current version, include a clip for carrying it in a shirt or jacket pocket like one would do with a normal pen.

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