New Leaks on the Samsung Galaxy S8 – Go Big is Samsung’s Decision – Note 7 Fades into the Background

Galaxy S8 New Leaks

With the debacle of the Note 7 fading into the background, all attention is focused on Samsung’s new flagship smartphone, the S8, to be released in 2017.

Going Big

It seems that the mantra driving the technology for the S8 is to go big. The latest leaks suggest that the memory of the S8 will be 6 GB and the internal storage of the device will be 256 GB.

Galaxy S8 New Leaks

Increase in Memory

Samsung had earlier relied on the microSD card expansion options for offering better storage on the S7 devices, as these had only an internal storage of 32 GB. However, the move to enhance the in built storage of the S8 will bring it on par with Apple’s latest iPhones that come with high storage levels. This is similar to the bringing out of the S7 version in glossy black in Christmas, being similar to the color that is presently driving the market for the iPhone 7 and the 7 Plus.

Improvements on Front Camera

This is not the only rumor that has been recently reported regarding the S8. Samsung enjoys the reputation of offering excellent image quality and this is now being offered for the front camera of the S8. There are rumors of enhancements in the selfie camera of the S8.

New Technology

According to the news, the new technology will appear in the front camera of the S8. The autofocus technique is an actuator drive one and can enhance the speed as well as the accuracy of the images that are taken by the rear camera. The same technique is now being deployed for the front camera as well in the new and upcoming S8, according to ET News. For the past few years, Samsung is no longer competing on the megapixel front for its rear camera. It has come to depend more on the quality of the camera and the image reproduction in order to improve quality. The drive is now being addressed to the front camera as well.

Improving Selfies

Samsung has conventionally gone along with a front camera of 5 MP for its flagship devices, seeing that it is sufficient for video calling and taking selfies. This is quite the opposite to the revolution that the company is making to its rear cameras. The rear camera of Galaxy smartphones has seen great technological strides during the past few years, with the S7 rear camera being among the best in the world.

Samsung’s flagship phones have one of the best qualities and offer an in built advantage to the images. The company has very rightly turned this into an advantage and is in the process of building up the abilities and powers of the front or selfie camera for the S8.

Note 7 Debacle

Note 7 Debacle

For a time, there was concern over the Note 7 debacle overshadowing the customer’s faith in Samsung. The revenue of the company was hit to a certain extent and it suffered some negative publicity. However, recent statistics suggest that the collective memory of the public will soon forget the Note 7 especially by the time the S8 is announced before the MWC held in February 2017.

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