Galaxy S8 to Sport Virtual Assistants, Both Male and Female Voices – Kestra and Bixby Inspired by Star Trek Series

Galaxy S8

There are rumors that the upcoming Galaxy S8 will support Virtual assistants, with different names for the male and the female assistants.

The new line of S phones, the S8, is likely to be announced in the MWC or Mobile World Congress to be held in 2017.

Galaxy S8

Bixby and Kestra

Lately there were rumors that the upcoming Galaxy S8 phone will come with personal assistant. Now the rumors claim that the assistant will come in both male and female voices. Bixby will be the name of the female AI, whereas the male assistant voice is Kestra. Both the assistants can be accessed with a specific button, according to Android Community, a tech site based in the US.

Protected by Trademark

There are also reports that the company has filed for trademark protection of the two names, Bixby and Kestra, so that no one else will be able to use them.  The EU application for the patent describes both Bixby and Kestra as software for allowing a handsfree use of mobile phones with voice recognition features and software for processing a voice command. However, Samsung has not come up with any official statement regarding the two names or the two virtual assistants. The announcement will probably only be made with the release of the S8 in the year 2017.

Names from Star Trek

For those wondering about the two names, Bixby and Kestra, the two names are connected with the Star Trek series. Jerome Bixby was the writer producing four of the screenplays of the Star Trek series during the sixties, whereas KestraTroi is the younger sister of the counselor on the ship, USS Enterprise.

S8 and S8 Plus

The news so far is that the new line of S phones, the S8, will come in two variants, the S8 and the S8 Plus. The phones will come with a dual camera setup and iris scanner and have a display of 5.5 inches 4K, with a RAM of 8 GB, two screen sizes and the touch force feature.

Acquisition of Viv

Earlier in October, Samsung had acquired Viv, a startup based in California and rumors of Samsung’s virtual assistant began to surface after this acquisition. Dag Kittlaus along with Adam Cheyer and Chris Brigham, the same team creating Siri, acquired by Apple back in 2010, founded Viv, an AI system.

Recovering from Note 7 Fiasco

Recently, there were complaints about the explosion of Samsung’s Note 7 phones and the company was forced to call back more than 2.5 million phones from all over the world, finally shutting down the manufacture.

Note 7

The new Artificial Assistant is being seen as a move by the company to recover from the debacle of the Note 7. It is also being done in order to compete with Siri of Apple and Alexa of Amazon along with the latest Google Assistant. The South Korean smartphone giant is thus offering gender identity to its virtual assistant for its upcoming S8 device to be announced early next year.

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