New LG G6 Leaks Reveal More Specs, Price and Release Date Details

LG G6 OLED Technology

LG G6 is expected to come in and take over from the failed LG G5, a phone the company thought would revolutionize the smartphone industry.

Last year, LG went modular, coming in with a G5 flagship that features a removable bottom that also plays home to the phone’s battery. Here is where you also find the modular functionality of the phone. You can add LG Friends, which include LG 360-degree camera, LG CAM Plus, and more accessories. As novice as the idea looks, not so many people bought into this innovation.

As a result, LG G6 is reportedly coming in with new tactics. While the phone has been in the rumor mills for quite some time now, more leaks have just come in giving out even more specs and features of the phone.

Apparently, the LG G6 will be powered by the new Snapdragon 835 SoC, just like many other Android flagships to be released this year. As for the display screen, the LG G5 successor will keep it at 5.3 inches as well as keep the 2K resolution, meaning you still get 554ppi of pixel density, however, the screen will reportedly be a 5D curved edge LCD panel from China Biel. In short, there will be no huge changes on the quality of the display screen when compared to the G5.


The LG G6, being a premium phone, will be borrowing a leaf from its competitor by shifting to a glass back in order to accommodate wireless charging on the phone. The phone should also go the IP-certification way like many other flagships have been doing.

As noted at the beginning, the modular design did not wow as so many people as LG would have liked. This also means that the G6 could skip the design, but nothing is confirmed just yet. There are reports that the LG G6 will be launched at around the same time as the MWC 2017 event, which should take place beginning February 27. With these changes, the LG G6 should be priced slightly higher than its predecessor.

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