The New-Look Galaxy S8 is a Huge Gamble for Samsung

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While many Apple fans may be crying out that Samsung has copied some of the design language of the iPhone, the latest design that the company has adopted for the Galaxy S7 Edge and Galaxy Note 7 is far away from the iPhones of this world.

The curved screen that runs along the two long edges, with the display and glass reaching out to the rear of the handset in an excellent way, make the Galaxy S7 Edge and the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 7 some of the best-designed handsets in 2016. In fact, this design might be here to stay and it might take some real efforts for other players such as Apple to eclipse it, especially now that Samsung seems to have set its eyes on the dual edge design for its 2017 Galaxy S8.

It has been noted more than once that Samsung is fond of using the Galaxy Note series to introduce new technologies that are later on used on the next Galaxy S series. It was also rumored that Samsung will be releasing two variants of the Galaxy Note 7 – one with a flat screen and the other with a curved dual edge screen, but as it seems, it is only the latter that will show up. This should be signaling an end to the flat screen designs for the flagship Samsung Galaxy phones, something that can also be confirmed by an Android Authority report.

Galaxy S8

If all goes well, the next Samsung Galaxy S8 will drop the flat screen on the standard 5.1-inch handset and instead return to the Galaxy S6 Edge for inspiration. In essence, Samsung seems to have found an identity with the curved dual-edge Super AMOLED screens, something that it wants to build on with the release of a curved dual edge Galaxy S8 in 2017, alongside a similarly curved dual edge Galaxy S8 Edge, with the only major difference being the size of the screen. But still, don’t be surprised if Samsung decides to stick to one variant instead, thus leaving us with a Galaxy S8 that features a 5.5-inch curved dual-edge screen with 4K display – a panel that Samsung recently showcased at a display event.

As for now, none of these can be confirmed to be coming with the Galaxy S8, but for sure, it would be a welcome move to see this innovative technology come to all Samsung Galaxy flagships. But how will Samsung differentiate them? Probably through variations in the software on offer. Let’s wait and see what happens.

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