New OnePlus 3T FreedomOS ROM lets you uninstall all Pre-installed Google and System Apps

OnePlus 3T FreedomOS

OnePlus 3T is arguably the best phone that 2016 brought to life, especially when looking at a combination of a number of things, among them hardware specs, features and most importantly, price.

Being an Android device that is not from Google, OnePlus 3T comes with a tweaked version of Android Marshmallow out of the box. This means that you still have to deal with OxygenOS skin on top of the usual stock Android. Not so long ago, the device started receiving Android 7.0 Nougat updates and like other versions before it, you still get to meet the OxygenOS skin, but this time a newer and improved version, according to the company.

When tweaking the stock Android OS, OnePlus developers add their own experience to the software, something that means many apps are usually included – some of which you may never get to use actually. Interestingly, Google has its own set of similar apps that it installs on all Android devices and in some cases, you’ll find instances of repetition with apps for emails, music player, SMS, Calling and so on.

A combination of Google and OnePlus apps means that the phone with a significant amount of storage already used up even before you install any of your preferred apps. But FreedomOS is here to help you free up your OnePlus 3T phone while at the same time installing apps that you ONLY want to see on your phone. This is a custom ROM and as such, it needs to be flashed to a rooted device. If this sounds strange to you, the best decision is to stop here. However, if you are willing to dive into the fun, keep on reading.

FreedomOS ROM is based on the latest Android 7.x Nougat, an indicator that the developers have plans to take it beyond the current version 7.0 of Android. Once installed, the ROM lets you uninstall all preinstalled Google Apps and System Apps. When done, you can now install the only ones you like, not what Google or OnePlus likes.

If flashing ROMs and tweaking your Android experience is what you like, this OnePlus 3T FreedomOS ROM is already available on the official XDA developers forum. Here, you will also get step-by-step instructions on how to download and flash this ROM on your OnePlus 3T phone. As for now, it seems this will only be working with the newer 3T.

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