New OTA updates available for Sony Xperia XZ Premium, Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact

Sony Xperia december security patch

After rolling out the latest Android security patch to the Xperia XZ, Xperia XZs and Xperia X Performance, Sony is now seeding the same OTA update to the Xperia XZ Premium, Xperia XZ1 as well as the smaller Xperia XZ1 Compact.

All of these devices were unveiled this year and they are, in fact, Sony’s high-end offerings for 2017. They use the same chipset, but it’s only the Xperia XZ1 and Xperia XZ1 Compact that are powered by Android Oreo out of the box. As for the Xperia XZ Premium, the Japanese tech giant has already rolled out an OTA update to Oreo, which means the current update is based on Oreo for all the three phones.

Like their counterparts, the trio is getting an OTA update that installs this month’s Android security patch. It’s about two weeks since the first Android phone received this treat, but this was a Google-owned phone. For Sony, this is a commendable job that should, in fact, be emulated by a host of other Android OEMs.

This is an OTA update, which means not all Sony Xperia XZ Premium and XZ1 family will get the notification prompt at the same time. It’ll take a few days before all units receive the treat, which comes with build number 47.1.A.8.49. You may also try your luck and get it ahead of the rest by heading to the Settings menu, where you can grab the update manually.

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