New Pictures of Kia Stonic SUV Leaked Online

Kia Stonic SUV

Leaked images are common and sometimes they are done by spy photographers while others simply come out of the original team behind the car.

This time, the photographs are of the Kia Stonic SUV which is an upcoming Rio based SUV.

The leak comes out of a Spanish car blog which has managed to grab hold of some of the photos of the car before the official debut. The automobile manufacturers earlier claimed that they are planning to launch the Stonic to the public before the end of the year. It will also be the follow up to Hyundai Kona. Earlier, the Kia team revealed a couple of sketches of the upcoming model and based on them, it was possible to confirm that the upcoming model is a crossover that tries to be neither too small nor too large.

Kia Stonic

The upcoming Kia Stonic SUV was supposed to be inspired by the Sportage and Sorento whereas it will be smaller in size, allowing drivers to easily navigate it through even tight corners and congested traffic. An increasing demand for compact crossovers exist in the market which is what automobile brands want to fill up. Some unique design aspects that makes the Stonic very appealing include the sleek headlights, tiger nose like headlights which all seamlessly end in a sharp shoulder line.

Tail lilghts of the Stonic look similar to the larger Sportage but they have been slightly tweaked to make it look more sportier. The crossover has also been made to be an urban vehicle that makes a style statement wherever you go. The LED lighting, tail light design and the black roof bars all when put together provides an awesome completion to Kia’s newest SUV model.

Kia Stonic SUV

“We have come up with a design identity that is obviously inspired by some of the best cars from the past. It has also been designed to offer users a new look from the other Kia models as well as our partnership models,” commented the designer Peter Shreyer. Interiors of the Kia Stonic is very minimalistic but houses all the essential features including USB connectivity, smartphone support, a huge floating central screen and individual color tones to segregate each part of the dashboard of instant access.

Despite all the leaks so far, the actual performance of the Kia Stonic SUV and the type of powertrain used in the model remains a mystery. The company would talk about it when it is close to their planned release date.

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