PS4 Pro Can’t Handle Spiderman at 4K, 60FPS, Same Goes for Xbox One X

PS4 Pro Can’t Handle Spiderman

Gaining 60 frames per second on any platform is a difficult task because of the hardware constraints association with it.

When the resolution is drastically increased to 4K on the PS4 Pro console, it becomes very difficult to deliver such performance, admits developer Insomniac.

“While any developer would love to push the performance of a game forward with the best graphics and gameplay experience, we should always take the power of the hardware into account. The PS4 Pro is a powerful console in this generation and so is the Xbox One, albeit with slight differences. The upcoming Spider-Man which is a PS4 exclusive will not run at 60 frames per second on 4K resolution because it is too much ask of the hardware,” said the lead developer at Insomniac.


Open World Games Demand More

A very logical claim that the developer explained further. “Delivering an open world experience is largely dependant on the hardware and how it can manage to stay playable when the world keeps changing every second. Spider-Man has a very large area to explore which is essential for gamers to never get bored throughout its run time. We also have included a lot of content, missions along with impressive combat but an increased frame rate could spoil the experience,” they said.

The game not only features an open world design but also has multiple enemies, combat designed in air and a lot of other things that will go on screen at the same time. The 4K itself will be done with checkboard scaling where some of the pixels will use 1080p display while others will be in 4K. It’s not native UHD resolution for sure but that shouldn’t affect the end user experience. The Xbox One X is slightly powerful but still 60 FPS is something it can’t deliver as well, according to the developer.

PS4 Pro Can’t Handle Spiderman

First Person Mode

Unlike GTA V which allowed players to switch from third person fighting and shooting to first person at will, the PS4 exclusive Spider-Man will not have such features. It will have a first person mode which will automatically change based on the level. It is controlled by the developers and not the gamer. The action will be much more immersive when you can actually look into it from a first person view. The combat is huge and what was shown during the E3 2017 reveal was just the scratch, confirmed Insomniac games in their tweet to a gamer. Sony’s relying largely on their exclusives, Spider-Man is expected to get launched in the month of June or July in 2018.

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  1. You realize it is a PS exclusive right so why would he know if the Xbox One X could run it at 60fps in 4K. Now we all know there is no chance that the Pro can run it at 60fps heck I bet even at 30fps it would drop frames just how it is with the Pro and it’s 4K. But how would he know it would not run at 60fps did he port the game, and exclusive one to beat all over to a competitor’s console to see how it would handle the game, when Sony is footing the bill for the game? Dose anyone see the 2 issues there the first would be that there is no good reason but espionage to see how the game would preform an a system that it is not theirs, and never intends to be on. The second is He is lying to make Pro consoles more comparable to another console. The real question is how would he know, has he tried it or is he full of it?

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