New Samsung DeX Pad has Multiple Ports and Will Turn Your Galaxy S9 into a TouchPad

New Samsung DeX Pad has Multiple Ports Turn Galaxy S9 into a TouchPad

Samsung Galaxy S9 launch is just weeks to go but the leaks keep dropping in from time to time and this time it is not related to the flagship smartphone but an important accessory.

Leaked by Evan Blass, the Samsung DeX Pad will have a 2018 edition that will convert your smartphone into a touchpad.

Samsung proudly flaunts it as one of the important accessories for their new Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus smartphones. The official specifications and pricing for this accessory is not known at the moment. Based on the bunch images leaked of the DeX Pad, it looks like it will be of superior build quality and will provide users a new way to make use of their smartphone.

Considering how large and completely bezel-less the new flagship model will be, it should be very easy and intuitive to use it as a touchpad. The dock is a large plastic stand which sports a USB Type C connector at the end of it. Users should slide their phone onto the dock, connect it and it will instantly switch off. All the ports found on the docking port looks useful as it includes a USB port, an HDMI port,and USB Type C besides other connectivity options. The leaked info claims it will allow you to easily connect a physical keyboard and mouse to the dock while the Galaxy S9 phone will act as a virtual keyboard or a touchpad based on how you want it to be.

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Being the flagship model it is, Samsung Galaxy S9 will create a lot of hype in the market as soon as it gets released. The accessories that get launched along with it will be equally popular especially if they would make life easier for users. The DeX Pad which is currently available in the market is quite expensive at $149.99 and it features a number of ports including two USB ports, one ethernet, one HDMI and USB Type C.

New Samsung DeX Pad has Multiple Ports and Will Turn Your Galaxy S9 into a TouchPad

Samsung aims to attract users who like to have a portable keyboard and mouse on the go. While you may be constantly on the move, it is next to impossible to actually take a physical keyboard and mouse with you. The new DeX Pad simplifies it as your Galaxy S9 or the Galaxy S9 Plus smartphone will change into a touchpad or a virtual keyboard based on the requirement.

The price point of $150 will definitely put off a lot of customers and it is also being rumored that Samsung wants to go way beyond what Apple priced for their iPhone X. The brand wants to price their phones $1000 or even more to portray themselves as a premium smartphone manufacturer. The new DeX pad is expected to be launched along with the Galaxy S9 before MWC 2018 or possibly a few days later.

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