Facebook is Testing a Downvote Button to Let Users Flag Inappropriate Comments

Facebook is Testing a Downvote Button

Facebook is working on a new downvote button which should make it easier for users to flag inappropriate comments and let the developers know if something is misleading in their feed.

In the recent past, Facebook has been actively involved in revamping their website and providing a better experience for all users. Many have started complaining the website is full of misleading news in their feed, spam comments, scammers and content that is often inappropriate to what they believe in. The company’s spokesperson confirmed that they have completely revamped the website. It will not show only feeds that are relevant to you, topics you are interested in and only things shared mainly by people on your friend’s list.

As part of this venture, they are going to launch a brand new downvote button. Facebook is known for its Like button which is the lucky mascot for the social networking giant. While users have been requesting the company to add a dislike button so that they can let content creators know things that are not interesting or misleading, the developers are not ready to launch the dislike button yet.

Facebook is Testing a Downvote Button to Users Flag Inappropriate Comments

The social media website has a button to let users flag inappropriate comments and hide them from the feed. The only problem with this existing feature is that the hide button can only be accessed by using the drop-down menu and is not readily accessible. With this update, the downvote button will directly be added to the primary buttons along with like and reply.

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When you tap on this new downvote button in Facebook, it will provide a bunch of options to make it easier for the team to identify what’s wrong with that comment. The options provided include offensive, misleading or off-topic. Fake news is what they are fighting against and if any of the link or comment pertains to spreading unwanted rumors, the monitoring team plans to take immediate action.

Facebook is Testing a Downvote Button to Let Users Flag Inappropriate Comments

In their quest to make the website more user-friendly, create a positive vibe and bring back those lost users. A recent update confirmed at least 1 million people have actively quit the social networking website in the United States and the majority of them are young adult users. They opined that the website spreads a lot of negativity and makes them feel bad about themselves.

The downvote button is currently tested among a select group of users in the U.S. and the aim is to promote more meaningful interactions on their social networking platform.

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