New Samsung Galaxy S8 Leak Removes Two Major Features

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features

As the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 draws closer, rumors and leaks about the Galaxy S7 successor keeps boiling up.

Back in September, it was rumored that Samsung will be dropping two major features when it releases its next flagship – Galaxy S8. Apparently, the latest update has everything to do with these two – namely the physical home button and 3.5mm headphone jack.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Rumours

According to Samsung-centric website Sam Mobile, the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8 will take a similar path as Apple iPhone 7 and drop the traditional 3.5mm headphone jack. This will not make Samsung a record breaker in the Android world, as we already have devices from the likes of Motorola, HTC and LeEco that have lost this feature. Of course, many will be quick to point at Samsung as the copycat master, forgetting that Apple came in with the idea long after LeEco and Motorola devices were already in the market.

Nonetheless, these two players, Apple and Samsung, have a different approach to this idea of dropping the 3.5mm headphone jack. Where Apple is pushing for the use of wireless headphones or its proprietary Lightning Port, Samsung will turn to the USB-C port on the Galaxy S8 as the port for providing users with high quality audio, just like other Android OEMs have already done.

The other change, removal of the physical home button, is nothing new in the Android world, especially since quite a good number of devices in this niche already come with this feature on the touch screen. However, Samsung has had its devices come with a physical home button, something will reportedly change with the release of Samsung Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Features

Many are asking what Samsung will do with the bezel that has played home to the physical home button for so many years. Others are concerned about the new home for the fingerprint sensor that has now formed part and parcel of all flagship handsets. Well, one option would be to send it on the back of the phone, however, it is likely that Samsung Galaxy S8 will have this sensor under the display screen.

There is also word that Apple has the same idea with its home button, something that would mean Samsung Galaxy S8 gets at least a six-month head start in the market.

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