New Samsung Galaxy S8 Leaks – 64GB Storage, Infinity Edge Display, Price Details and more

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Samsung recently put the issues of the Galaxy Note 7 behind and now attention has turned to the upcoming Galaxy S8. In fact, rumors about this flagship are now beginning to take shape.

According to a report coming from The Guardian, there are quite a number of new rumors that are picking up speed, but there are also others that are simply a repeat of what has already been said before.

For starters, the new leak suggests that Samsung Galaxy S8 will up its expandable base storage from 32GB to 64GB, something that many will for sure appreciate. It happened with the Galaxy Note 7 and it was bound to happen with the S8. The report further agrees with previous leaks that the phone will come in two variants, but the exact screen sizes are yet to be revealed, although rumors have put them at 5.7 inches and 6.2 inches.

Unlike last year where we had a flat and edge screen variant, both S8 variants will ship with an almost bezel-less, edge-to-edge “infinity” screen as well as Note 7’s iris scanner on the front panel. This screen will leave behind a very small body on the top and bottom of the two Samsung Galaxy S8 phones, with the upper bezel expected to house the earpiece, iris scanner and selfie camera. In fact, sources claim that there won’t be room for Samsung to add its own logo on the front panel. With this in mind, the fingerprint scanner, which is usually housed by the physical home button, will be moved to the back of the phones.

Samsung Galaxy S8 will keep the 3.5mm headphone jack but still come with the latest USB-C port, same case as the Galaxy Note 7. This should be a relief for many fans out there as quite a number of major OEMs have been ditching this traditional audio jack in favor of a universal USB-C port. As for the cameras, there won’t be any major changes from what happened with last year’s DualPixel shooters, but of course, the company will add a few nifty touches here and there.

At launch, Samsung Galaxy S8 will also be accompanied by a new Gear VR headset and Gear 360 camera. The Guardian also reports that Samsung could include a new range of accessories, with leading reports pointing to a new dock that will turn the S8 into an Android-powered desktop PC. On this dock, one can connect a monitor, keyboard, mouse and a wide range of other peripherals known as DeX or rather, Desktop extension.

Samsung Galaxy S8

On matters of the release date, this report says that Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available for purchase starting April 21. However, this should only be specific to the Italian market and the wider Europe in general, another source closer to the matter points out. Previous rumors have mentioned dates like April 14, April 15, April 18 and now we have April 21. However, the latter source goes further to shed some light on the pricing details of the phone in the European market.

Apparently, Samsung Galaxy S8 will be available in three color variants of gold, black and blue. As noted earlier, the phone will ship with 64GB of storage and as it is, those in Europe or Italy for that matter, will have to pay 829 euros. As for the larger Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus, the same report says that it will be valued at 929 euros.

Looking at past pricing strategies for Samsung Galaxy flagships, it is possible that those in the U.S. may pay around $829 or $929 for either phone. This is not far away from the $849 price tag a previous rumor had claimed, but as noted, this and many other ongoing talks about Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus are just rumors.

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