WhatsApp iOS Update: Tap Send and Queue Offline Messages, Manage Storage Space Better

WhatsApp Update for iOS

The latest WhatsApp update offers users the option to Tap Send their messages in spite of not having an Internet connection.

In addition, the WhatsApp update has also redesigned the storage screen of users, so that they can manage it better. The features can be used in iOS devices, though it is not yet available on other platforms.

WhatsApp Update for iOS

Updates for iOS Platform

The update is available for iOS devices. One of the interesting features offered in this new WhatsApp update for iOS users is that they can tap a message and tap on the ‘send’ option too, though they are offline or don’t have an internet connection at the time. Naturally, the message will not be sent when they are offline. As soon as the user moves to a Wi-Fi Range or has a mobile network on his device, the message will be sent. This means that the messages that you tap on while in an offline mode will remain in a queue, and are ready to be sent to the contact as soon as you get an Internet connection on the device.

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Storage Screen Redesigned

Apart from the above feature, the new WhatsApp update for iOS devices also offers a redesigning of the storage screen. This will help users of the app to better manage the storage space on their device. They can clear out particular types of messages, such as videos from particular chats. All they need to do is to go to Settings and access the Data Storage Usage, then move on to Storage Usage.

WhatsApp for iOS Storage Space BetterEarlier, users could view the space occupied by the different types of messages, such as text or videos and photos and so on. However, there was no granular controlling feature. With the new design, the Storage usage display screen in the Settings has expanded and the user can delete a particular message type in a single conversation.

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More Videos and Photos

Another new feature of the latest WhatsApp update for iOS is that users can now send a maximum of thirty photos or videos in one go. Those owning an iOS device can head over to the App Store in order to check out the latest WhatsApp update for their devices.

WhatsApp for iOS Offline Messages

Spotty Service

Those who experience a spotty service, like when they are travelling by a subway, will find it a relief. They can queue the messages that they want to send and it will be sent as soon as the connection is available again. Earlier, the send button on the iPhone was operational only if the device had an Internet connection. After the new update, the Send button is always a available and users can type out their message and then hit on Send, even if they don’t have an Internet connection at the time, thereby queuing the message. It is a simple tweak, but nevertheless a very useful one for users on the go. Users who suddenly lose their Internet connection while travelling need not worry anymore.

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