New Sony PS5 Titles Announcement Expected at State of Play Event

State of play

People have gone to extremes in order to acquire a PlayStation 5 console because it is the hottest property of the year.

The console is nowhere to be purchased in a store and those who purchased it would obviously want to play some great games on it. The State of Play event will take place today which will be the spot for the developer to unveil some great PS5 and maybe older PS4 titles for those who still rock the hardware.

In a recent interview, the company was generous enough to confirm that a new PS VR 2 is indeed heading to the PS5 console. For players who really enjoyed the PSVR with its own set of limitations, the new headset will be far more advanced. Instead of having to have too many cables and adapters running out, you can instead run the same this time with a single cable. The concept is similar to how USB Type C cables are used for Oculus Quest headsets on a PC and console gaming community being able to have a take on virtual reality games is great news for the entire group. It would help developers make more titles.

Sony in a tweet confirmed that the State of Play event is scheduled for 25th February. The timing will obviously vary based on your location but you can follow the announcement that claims it will be held at 2pm PT or 5pm ET timings. The event will be live-streamed on all major platforms including YouTube’s official PlayStation channel. It will also be streamed on Twitch so that you can easily watch it and stay updated on all the great games that will get launched on PS5, PS4 consoles in the next few weeks or probably months.

They have also officially announced in the statement that a total of 10 titles will be revealed during this event. It will not be focused only on the newest PlayStation 5 console but will instead have lots of backward compatible titles that will launch on PlayStation 4 consoles. Obviously, it means that the games will be made available on the PS4 Pro console with improved graphics and frame rates, as this intermittent console is based on a better hardware specification when compared to the original console.

State of play virtual event

While we already know that God of War is coming in 2021 on PS5, this is just the beginning as first-party titles have always been the power of a PlayStation console. Days Gone is coming to PC and more PS titles will find their way to computers but those are old titles. The newer ones will be coming directly to the two consoles making it worth the purchase in 2021, at least when stocks become available again.

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