The Real Reason Behind GTA 6’s Speculated Trailer Launch: Know More


Gamers are a scurry lot that won’t stop at anything because when it comes to big brand titles like GTA 6, they would even seek answers from job postings.

Rockstar made an announcement that has nothing to do with the trailer launch but fans are already speculating that it is possible because of a posting they made in recent times.

Game developers often follow a pattern of hiring new people when they are building something for a smartphone or a VR version of the title. These are some key giveaways because fans already know that the particular studio is working on a game title. When they hire new people for specific roles, it is obvious that the title will launch in VR or on a different platform especially when console games are ported to Windows or vice versa.

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Based on the job description that players have managed to spot, it looks like Rockstar may soon come up with a teaser trailer for GTA VI. When the Super Bowl event was hosted, it was strongly believed that the first teaser will be showcased in this event. Despite the fact that the game publishing house has confirmed they are nowhere close to a launch date, it looks like fans aren’t ready to give up yet.

GTA 5 pedestrians

Job Posting

Ardent fans even spotted the presence of GTA 6 in the Blinding Lights video which was showcased by The Weeknd. While there was no video to really get excited about, it still had the words etched on it which seems to be good enough for most people. After all, it has been so many years since GTA 5 got launched but Rockstar is maintaining a whole new level of silence when it comes to talking about a game they are actually working on.

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The job posting is more of a giveaway as it suggests they are looking for people for GTA 6 Trailer. It is unclear whether this is a cookie that the development team wants everyone to jump on or is it actually a posting to have professionals on board to work on it. While this is yet another speculation, be it long-time fans or gamers in general cannot skip the fact that this is an exciting title to look forward to. If Rockstar would actually do it, it wouldn’t be surprising if the game takes the internet by storm. GTA VI is a worthy successor to the current edition when it officially gets launched on PS5, Xbox Series X and PC.

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