New Super Mario Bros Rumored to Release in China on Nvidia Shield

Super Mario Bros

Nintendo’s rapport with Nvidia is much more than its joint association in running the Switch.

According to a recent report made by Daniel Ahmad, a popular analyst, Nintendo has also provided rights to Nvidia to list some of its old games. These games will be supported by the latter’s own Shield hardware. However, this tie up is applicable only to the Chinese market given the fact that selling consoles in this area is quite a bit of a challenge. Thus, it is only understandable why Nintendo is joining hands with Nvidia’s Shield systems to enter the market and trade its games. Even as Daniel Ahmad stresses on the fact that the above information is only highly speculative at the moment, it is certain that Nintendo’s New Super Mario Run Bros. game will soon make its presence in China. As there is no news of a Switch release in the country, it is only likely that the release will be made on the Nvidia Shield.

Super Mario Bros

For those who are interested in knowing more about the game, New Super Mario Bros. is a good choice for those who are in the mood for some adventure. The Nintendo game can be played both in single player and multiplayer modes with a maximum of four players. The key characters of the game include the protagonist Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Princess Peach and a horde of enemies to the Mushroom Kingdom. While there are a lot of old enemies like Koopas and Goombas, there are also many new opponents waiting to strike a combat. Some challenges are also more daunting than the previous game. Princess Peach gets kidnapped by both the Bowsers and it is once again Mario’s responsibility to rescue her from them. Just like the earlier game, the mushrooms are endowed with magical powers to help Mario become as big or as small as he would like to be. Other power-ups that will help him in the course of his adventure are fire flowers that can throw fire balls, starmen that cannot be destroyed and blue shells that can transform into a speedy shell.

New Super Mario Bros

In the course of his mission, Mario will have to traverse through various worlds, all of which have different levels. In each world, he has to be prepared to face various hindrances in the form of bosses, fortresses and even the Hammer Bros. in action. He can move from one world to the next by knocking out all the opponents in the present world. Mario and Luigi can make their moves by either running or adopting various jumping techniques like wall jumps and high triple jumps.

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