Pokemon Go racks up 7M users during its first week in Korea

Pokemon Go

Six months after being launched in the U.S., Pokemon Go recently made its way to Korea and apparently, industry pundits had fears that the game will not become a major hit due to this delay.

Pokemon Go was at some point the major highlight when it comes to mobile gaming and this was especially when it was launched in the U.S. On January 24, the game was launched in Korea and according to figures released by mobile app marketing intelligence group WiseApp, the game has managed to attract a massive user base of 6.98 million people in its one week of existence. However, this is just from the Android side of the balance, but still, Korea has over 90% of all smartphone users on Android.

This is definitely great news for Niantic Labs and Nintendo, the two heavyweights behind the development of this highly successful game. They will be glad that despite the 6-months delay, Pokemon Go still has a huge fan base out there, but like other regions, the major task here is to ensure that this user base is retained.

Pokemon Go Revenue

Players of Pokemon Go will usually walk to real-life locations that have been marked on a map on their phones. These locations have Pokemon, the virtual creatures that one is hunting down via the game. It is based on AR, where digital images are overlaid with one’s view of the real world via a smartphone camera. The reason why Pokemon Go wasn’t available in Korea was due to the restrictions placed by the country on security grounds – restrictions that meant Google Maps is not available in the country, yet the game depends on this mapping application in order to track and capture Pokemon.

After Niantic Labs and Nintendo worked on these security issues with the Korean government, the game was finally introduced in the country early last week. Whether it will keep on enjoying this huge success or not is still to be seen, but the developers are already lining up new updates that are expected to add more features to the game.

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